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Anthony Michael Hall To Play Deathstroke In Dark Knight?

= ? Sorry for the heavy coverage of DARK KNIGHT news, but I writes what I likes! According to Rich Johnston’s excellent LYING IN THE GUTTERS comic news column [via], Anthony Michael Hall (who has been confirmed as playing an … Continue reading

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Link Blowout v.52 – Oscar Edition

• Oscar Leaks Waxy (aka Andy Baio) collects the data on the amount of time it take nominated films to go from theater release to pirated online copy, proving once again that when it comes to the Internet – the … Continue reading

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There Will Be Geezers

My new web obsession is easily the Reel Geezers, hosted by Marcia Nasatir and Lorenzo Semple, both of whom are industry veterans, and both of whom are over 80. They are an anomaly on YouTube, land of fey-prepubescent angsty self-broadcast, … Continue reading

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Link Blowout v.51

Be Kind, Rewind, Amanda Bynes Is Michel Gondry’s upcoming Be Kind, Rewind a direct rip from Nickelodeon’s early 90’s The Amanda Show? You decide. Quite Possibly the Nerdiest Thing Ever on the Internet Besides the site you are currently reading, … Continue reading

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Disturbing Video Of The Day: Pulp Muppets

This must have taken forever. [via]

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Join Our Oscar Pool – Win Stuff!

Every year around this time, like many film fans, I jot down my Oscar picks. More times than not I score fairly well – with my weakest categories almost always ocouring in the “shorts” categories (cause I haven’t seen them) … Continue reading

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Mattel’s Dark Knight Toy Fair ’08 Offerings Confirm Return Of Scarecrow In Bat Sequel!

It’s been rumored for months, but SuperHeroHype!’s spies at the Toy Fair ’08 have confirmed that Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow will indeed be returning for the second film in the Bat-Reboot! Mattel displayed a new toy based on the character’s appearance … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasure: The Amazing Race Asia 2

If you had told me 12 seasons of The Amazing Race ago that I would still be watching the show I would have called you crazy. Surely watching strangers tramp around the world in a quest for adventure and greenbacks … Continue reading

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So True…

From the ever-excellent web comic Elephantitus of the Mind. [Link]

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Latest Indiana Jones Trailer Wussified For American Audiences?

Go here and re-watch (because I’m sure you have already seen it at least once) the recent Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Now watch the international version of the same trailer here. Notice anything different? No? … Continue reading

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