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First Look At The 40’s-Era Minutemen From The Watchmen!

AICN has an exclusive look at the 1940’s picture of The Minutemen from Zack Snyder’s upcoming Watchmen adaptation. They definitely have the look down, especially The Comedian’s old “jester” look. Click the poster for a larger version!

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I’ll Be Back Soon!!

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. I just spent a week with a stomach bug. The keep-a-bucket-near-the-bed kind, yuck. Even spent my b-day in bed. Now, I’m back up at work today and will be updating shortly!

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***Updated With More Character Pics! First Look: Lost’s Mr. Eko as G.I. Joe’s Heavy Duty! Hype! have snagged the first look of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Heavy Duty in next summer’s G.I. Joe! Click the pic for the larger version: I’m really excited for this flick, but what’s up with all the black? YO EMO … Continue reading

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Two-Face Concept Pic From Dark Knight?

Okay, this hit my email last night, but has already apparently been posted all over the Internet during the same time. This is spoiler-heavy territory so you’re going to have to click the poster to see it: Thanks Rory’s Messenger!

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Full Incredible Hulk Trailer Online!!

Click here.   My favorite part?  The use of scrap metal as “brass knuckles”, like in the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game from a few years ago.

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