The RotCast Episode #136 – Soft on Star Wars

The RotCast Episode #136 – Soft on Star Wars

This week we are joined on our Star Wars on Blu-Ray review by special guest Jamie Benning, creator of the viral hit Star Wars filmumentaries Star Wars Begins, Building Empire and Returning to Jedi and the upcoming Raiding the Lost Ark. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieSWB!

News & Trailers

Review & Discussion

  • Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-Ray Edition (featuring @JamieSWB!)
  • Drive (Special thanks to CHUD for the tickets!)

Miscellaneous Media That We Have Consumed

  • Dave: Evil Things
  • James: Entourage (TV), True Blood (TV), Vanishing of the Bees (Doc), Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (TV)

Full Runtime: 2hr 40min 45sec


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Segment #1 (Intro and News)
1. Ana Tijoux – 1977
2. Sean Tyas – Banshee
3. Super8 and Tab Feat Jan Burton – Empire
4. Ehren Stowers – Ascent
5. Robert Nickson and Thomas Datt – Godless
6. Super9 and Tab Feat Jan Burton – Mercy
7. Thomas Coastline – Kill My Skill

Segment #2 (Star Wars BR Review)
1. Jefferon Starship – Light The Sky (From The Star Wars Holiday Special)
2. Tydi Feat Tania Zygar – Why Do I Care
3. Ultimate – Wonderland (Colonial One Remix)
4. Eco – The Light In Your Eyes Went Out (Club Mix)
5. Juventa – Dionysia (Original Mix)
6. Specific Slice – Death Of Aphrodite (Sensi pres. Dark Dynasty Remix)
7. Steve Bengaln – Terminal (James Dymond Remix)
8. Straight Up – The Sky Is Not The Limit (Olbaid Remix)

Segment #3 (Drive Review)
1. Incubus – Drive
2. Frou Frou – Hear Me Out
3. DJ magnet – Love Comes Running Up That Hill Quickly    
4. The Hood Internet – Some Cut Like A Knife
5. The Hood Internet – Cars and Quarters and Green Lights
6. Mates of State – The Kissaway

Segment #4 (What We Watched)
1. Garbage – Milk (Massive Attack Remix)
2. Super8 & Tab Feat Anton Sonin – Black Is The New Yellow (Protoculture Remix)
3. Tom8 and Luke Ryan – We Could (Radio Edit)
4. Touchstone – No Way Back (Original Mix)
5. Robert Nickson – We Won’t Forget (Arty Remix)
6. Nuera – Green Cape Sunset (Original Mix)
7. The Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

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