The RotCast Episode #145 – ZombieGirl The Mid-Season Finale

The RotCast Episode #145 – ZombieGirl The Mid-Season Finale

Reel Talk with Dave & James

Review & Discussion

  • The Walking Dead (TV Season 2 Ep #1-7)

What the NetFlix?!

Miscellaneous Media That We Have Consumed

  • Dave: Crater Lake Monster (RiffTrax), The Grudge, SHIP (Doc)
  • James: New Kids Turbo

Full Runtime: 2hr 23in 2sec


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Segment #1 (Reel Talk)
1. Dido – White Flag
2. Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Apollo (Extended Mix)
3. Talla 2XLC – The Realm Of India (Akato Mix)
4. Tiesto – Traffic (Tristan Garner Remix)
5. Arcania – Clandestine (Original Mix)
6. CALIBRE – Broken Bones (Royaal remix)
7. Pandora – End Of Sorrow (Ken Plus Ichiro Remix)
8. AndyB – Trancequilo (Original Mix)
9. Haris C – 13 (Haris C’s Electro Mix)
10. Pluton – 40 Hertz (Original Mix)
11. Ali Mahmud – We Meet Again Original Mix
12. MPT Project – Injected (Original Mix)
13. Pluton – Don’t Take Drugs (Original Mix)

Segment #2 (TWD Review)
Bear McCreary – The Walking Dead (OST)

Segment #4 (What We Watched)
1. Alex Larichev And Rusty Spica – Digital Sunset (Original Mix)
2. Jamaster A – Funky Jump Bee (Osvaldo Nugroho Remix)
3. Black Strobe – I’m a Man
4. UDM – Solaris (Original Mix)
5. Vicky Devine – Give Me Love (End Of The Night Tech Trance Mix)
6. Bad Religion – Watch It Die

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