The RotCast Episode #167 – The Amazing Savages

In which we review both the Oliver Stone film Savages and The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, talk about Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed, play WTNF, and more!

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2 Responses to The RotCast Episode #167 – The Amazing Savages

  1. James Collins says:

    The 167 download isn’t complete and cuts out after an hour and a half. Also the link on the main page if for 166. PS yours is my 2nd fav film related podcast after film junk and I listen to a lot of them. Keep up the good work.

  2. jay1 says:

    Really great show, a true slam of beauty of Spiderman, great taste in music, nice discussion of technology – future of the disc. PG Total Recall, PG comic book movies, you will get the Lizards crawling around the lizard man — 7 yr old kids would love it, we of course dislike it as pure pandering!

    (Would love to get the review first, then news and the skill testing games and TV talk – you can record as normal, then just cut and paste the recorded audio to get each part in order)

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