The RotCast Episode #206 – Cool(er) Poster, Bro

This time on the show we talk about film that began life on a podcast. Kevin Smith’s podcast to be exact. It plays out exactly like the kind of film you’d expect from one of its origins. What does this mean exactly? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Please note, during the discussion about suspension of disbelief and wrestling, I brought up the hypothetical example of Rey Mysterio going up against Batista. A more cogent example is the Sami Zayn versus Titus O’Neil match we saw at the latest NXT taping. That show won’t air until late October but if you watch you make note of the size difference. This is not the first match like it, of course, and wrestling is just a worked fight. I still would be interested in seeing one of the men/women matches from the indies and I think, as long as the wrestlers are good, men and women could put on good matches with each other. It’s just that the idea of Paige kicking out of an AA (Cena) or a F5 (Lesnar) would
create too much cognitive dissonance. The critical part of my brain knows it’s a worked fight but another part just couldn’t buy it. Have you seen Paige? She’s downright waifish! She’s a good wrestler in her own right, but the size difference between her and Lesnar would just be too much for my simple brain to believe for a match between them to work
competitively. I dunno. I’m probably thinking about this too hard.

Tusk (Spoilers abound!)

What We Watched
Dave: South Park season premiere “Go Fund Yourself”
James: Electric Dreams

Here is the Coolest Cooler

Full Runtime:  1hr 05min 28sec


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1. The Beatles – I Am The Walrus (4:34)
2. Perplexer – Da Capo (4:05)
3. Interactive – Forever Young (3:41)
4. Starsplash – Free (3:21)
5. Dyewitness – Masterplan (3:26)
6. Rmb – Reality (3:51)
7. Westbam – Wizards Of The Sonic (3:36)
8. Komakino – Outface (Fullsize) (6:11)
9. Music Instructor – Hymn (3:52)
10. Gigi D’agostino – L’amour Toujours (3:59)
11. Special D. – Come With Me (3:10)
12. Mellow Trax – Phuture Vibes (3:45)
13. Dune – Hardcore Vibes (3:32)
14. Mental Theo – Stars (3:37)
15. Mark ‘oh – Randy (Never Stop that Feeling) (Westbam Remix) (5:54)
16. Mauro Picotto – Komodo (3:22)
17. Of Mice & Men – Would You Still Be There (3:12)

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