The RotCast Episode #207 – Ramble On, Annabelle

We got to see a sneak preview of Annabelle last night and recorded a show that was only supposed to go about 20 minutes. Instead it’s over an hour of unfiltered free form acid jazz that may not appeal to “classic RotCast fans.” Remember that scene in This Is Spinal Tap? Like that, only worse.

Annabelle – look, we talk around the movie a lot in the review, so here’s the bottom line. Did you like The Conjuring? This is a step down. Do you have to see a horror movie this weekend? You could do worse (Tusk) cause there ain’t nothing on the horizon for a few weeks. I gave it a C- and James gave it a C. There, there’s your review.

Seriously, y’all, we go all over the map, talking about emotional manipulation in movies, the overall trends in the horror genre including how much money is spent on a film in order to maximize the bottom line, more MARVEL chat because that’s just the dominate force in the movie landscape these days for better or for worse. The way the preceding sentence was written is an example of how the show went. It’s totally freeform, man!

Full Runtime:  1hr 09min 44sec


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1. The Association – Cherish (3:31)
2. Rospy – Meet Me in The Stars (8:00)
3. Jace Williams – Rookie (6:24)
4. Willem De Roo – Datamoon (7:12)
5. Ayda – Legend (8:39)
6. DJ Wad – Reincarnation (6:16)
7. Artur K & Martin Sand – Never (Mdk Remix) (7:33)
8. Skaivox – Motion Shift (7:55)
9. Andrew Stets – War Will Never Come (6:55)
10. Farid – Skylines (Mike Danis Remix) (6:44)
11. The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn! (3:55)

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