The RotCast Episode #208 – Girl Gone Viral

The only reason this show even exists to be published is because I DIDN’T fall over dead in the middle of recording it. Not only are our opinions “wrong” in this episode, but a plethora of real life distractions and me coughing like Slenderman is about to get me make this our worst episode ever. I know that was a high bar to get past, but we did it. We finally stunk up the place harder than that time we reviewed Spring Breakers.

V/H/S Viral (Light Spoilers)
Gone Girl (HEAVY Spoilers, skip to 1:22:18 to avoid)

What We Watched
Dave – Honeymoon, Alien Abduction, Paranormal Activity 1-4, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Edge of Tomorrow, Open Windows, Horns, The Houses October Built, Apocalyptic, Team America: World Police, The Hunt
James – Plastic Galaxy (Doc), Cold in July, Eyes Without A Face, Tammy, Obvious Child, Mall, Fury

James Talks About His Letterboxd Habits

Full Runtime:  2hr 28min 04sec

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0. The Afghan Whigs – Debonaire (4:15)
1. Roger Shah – Hope (Original Mix) (6:20)
2. Max Eden – Supernova (5:27)
3. Andain – Beautiful Things (Fady & Mina Remix) (6:58)
4. Dennis Sheperd – Bring You Home (Original Mix) [feat. Chloe Langley] (6:52)
5. Sequence 11 – Dione (7:35)
6. Menno de Jong – Solicitude (7:27)
7. Bilal El Aly – Monster (Original Mix) (5:33)
8. VillaNaranjos – Cala Blanca (Club Mix) (6:36)
9. Kheiro – When You’re Home (Misja Helsloot Remix) [feat. Danny Claire] (7:16)
10. Bobina – Delusional (Original Mix) [feat. Shahin Badar] (5:42)
11. Liam Wilson – The Speed of Design (Original Mix) (7:38)
12. Jace Williams – Rookie (6:24)
13. Willem De Roo – Datamoon (7:12)
14. Ayda – Legend (8:39)
15. DJ Wad – Reincarnation (6:16)
16. Artur K & Martin Sand – Never (Mdk Remix) (7:33)
17. Arnej – They Always Come Back (Mike Remix) (7:09)
18. Talamanca & Velden – One Embrace (Feat Isa Bell-Dub Mix) (7:38)
19. Aimoon – Will Be Mine (7:14)
20. Menno De Jong – Place in The Sun (Feat Ellie Lawson) (7:45)
21. Shinedown – Fly From The Inside  (3:57)

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