The RotCast Episode #210 – “Wait For Part 2″ Is No Excuse

Though this show is perfectly cromulent and listenable, there were some mic/computer glitches during the recording. I worked around them best I could but yeah, some words are flat out dropped. Anyway, we review the latest Hunger Games film, but when I say review what I really mean is “grouse.” After a spirited MMC segment, we continue the new trend of ending the show with a crazy conversation about nothing that really matters in the grand scheme of things.

CM Punk on Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling”

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (MAJOR SPOILERS)

What We Watched
Dave: John Wick, Exists, Extraterrestrial, Inception, Guardians of the Galaxy
James: Man Bites Dog, My Own Private Idaho, Housebound, Earth to Echo

Full Runtime:  1hr 43min 59sec


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1. TV On The Radio – Happy Idiot (3:02)
2. Hi-Jackers Space – All in The Mind (Genix Deep Dubbed Mix) (7:29)
3. Myk Bee – Soulfire (7:54)
4. Perry O’neil – Kubik (9:46)
5. Arnej – They Always Come Back (Mike Remix) (7:09)
6. Talamanca & Velden – One Embrace (Feat Isa Bell-Dub Mix) (7:38)
7. Aimoon – Will Be Mine (7:14)
8. Menno De Jong – Place in The Sun (Feat Ellie Lawson) (7:45)
9. Rospy – Meet Me in The Stars (8:00)
10. Jace Williams – Rookie (6:24)
11. Xb & Linnea Schossow – Be My All (Lele Troniq & Fabio Xb Remix) (6:41)
12. Ashley Nutton – Graviton (Dreamy Remix) (8:17)
13. Biokinetix – Prototype (Remix) (8:32)
14. Masters & Nickson – Out There (5th Dimension) (Feat Justine Suissa) (9:05)
15. Shining Wizado – Triple H Burial Time (2:26)

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