The RotCast Episode #212 – Best of 2014, Worst of 2015(?)

James and I run down our Best of 2014 lists this time, and since he saw more movies than I did his list is vastly different, and in some minds vastly superior. I don’t know. My favorite movie of the year didn’t even appear on his top 10, and if that’s not a sign of us drifting apart in our old age I don’t what is. Of course, I watched a ton of garbage, intentionally, so I guess I’m the weirdo.

We also continued to geek out over home theater equipment and decor, such as the Predator Theater, something that which you can google.

Best of 2014

What We Watched
Dave: American Sniper, Time Lapse, Amphibious 3D, Perfect: Android Rising, Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami, Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy, Bloody Mary 3D
James: Inherent Vice, The Interview, Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything

James Talks MORE About What He Wants To See in 2015

Full Runtime: 1hr 59min 09sec


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1. Deftones – Diamond Eyes (3:08)
2. Audiomatic – Dificult Phase (6:52)
3. Vaishiyas – Touch Down (6:43)
4. Aquafell – Morning Cookies (7:35)
5. Zyce – Offduty (7:14)
6. Neelix – Cabin Pressure (7:31)
7. Synesthetic – Teach Me How To Be A Superfreak (8:07)
8. Interactive Noise – Play (6:34)
9. Day Din – Aurora Nights (6:35)
10. Normalize – Run (7:06)
11. Kularis – OSD (6:23)
12. Vaishiyas – Satisflaxion (7:05)
13. Sideform – Traveller (7:43)
14. Moon, Dj Fabio – Disco Brain Damage (7:01)
15. Jiser, Interactive Noise – Up (7:52)
16. Day Din – Dance With Me (7:10)
17. Felguk – Galaxy Traveler (Neelix Remix) (5:27)
18. Moon, Dj Fabio – Centered (7:31)
19. R.E.M. – Maps And Legends (3:10)

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