The RotCast Episode #213b – The Rest of the Show

A full battery meant longer recording, which meant more airing of grievances.

What We Watched
Dave: Friday the 13th Pt. 3, Friday the 13th pt. 4: The Final Chapter, The Bell Witch Haunting, Paranormal Asylum, The Black Knight Returns, Jurassic City, The Town That Dreaded Sundown
James: Mistaken From Strangers, Young Ones

Full Runtime: 54min 34sec


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1. Audiomatic & Vaishiyas – Exchange (6:09)
2. Jiser & Interactive Noise – Fight (6:54)
3. Neelix – Leave Me Alone (6:36)
4. Phaxe – Twist N Spin (7:10)
5. Day Din & Klopfgeister – Shadow Of A Smile (8:19)
6. Interactive Noise – Sunshine (6:52)
7. Synesthetic – Eccentric Status (6:59)
8. Vaishiyas – Hold On (7:03)
9. FF2 Boss Battle (2:55)

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