The RotCast Episode #214 – Robotic Music Video

This time on the show James and I go round and round on whether or not Chappie is a good film. I say it’s more like The Room but without the cult of personality. He didn’t disagree. I say the film has some major plot holes and the score offsets the bombastic camp the film tries to convey. He didn’t disagree. I say there are no likable humans in the entire flick. He didn’t disagree. What we didn’t agree on is the final grade.

We also talk Digging Up The Marrow and a 2014 film called Everly.
What We Watched
Dave: Thunderstorm: The Return of Thor
James: Incendies

Full Runtime: 1hr 21min 19sec


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1. Pearl Jam – In Hiding (5:00)
2. Kularis – Too Much Sun (6:52)
3. Neelix – Goofy Jam Session (5:51)
4. Odiseo – Fenix (6:52)
5. Durs – In The City (6:22)
6. Interactive Noise – Vienna (6:51)
7. Jiser – Waveback (6:50)
8. Krama – The Lighthouse (5:59)
9. Audiomatic – Windows Of Our Soul (6:07)
10. Vaishiyas – Fakes (7:04)
11. Day.Din & Alfredo Garcia – Twin Peak (6:46)
12. Phaxe, Vice & Vertex – Orange Bad (6:36)
13. Shiva Chandra – Schaukelstuhl (Fusi & Johnson Remix) (7:05)
14. Twinkly Fairy Lullaby (3:22)

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One Response to The RotCast Episode #214 – Robotic Music Video

  1. Addlink says:

    Chappie is a great movie that showed about human entirely life. we can not die but our body. bad or good is not our body but minds.

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