The RotCast Episode #47 – Not Here To Make Friends Edition


Hey there! Dave here writing the first words in a FilmRot post since 2007! This is also the first time I’ve ever edited and posted The Rotcast, so any errors should still fall on James’ shoulders as he was my Jedi master. Everybody knows Padawans know fuck all about audio editing. On with the post!

~~ Show Notes ~~
00:00:00 – Intro
• Dave got political, much to the chagrin of James and Andrea. Thanks, Democrats!

00:17:18 – The Hurt Locker
• James gave this movie a softball YES, Dave thought it was a solid YES, and Twilight fan Andrea gave it a WTF NO. Also, Jeremy Renner was not the lead in 28 Weeks Later. That film really didn’t have a lead.

00:46:12 – Pontypool
• James thought this movie was awesome and said YES. Dave’s response. Also, the Hitchcock film in question towards the end of the segment is called Lifeboat.

01:20:19 – Whatcha’ Watchin?
• Baseball movie Sugar.
• Batman DVD Gotham Knight.
• The Haunting in Connecticut and its curse of animated movie posters on the Internet.
• James loves Crank: High Voltage. He’s totally gay for Jason Statham. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him so animated when talking about a film. He and Alex Billington are totally BFF’s now!
• We all saw Splinter, a white bread horror film that passes for something you’d have for lunch and then forget about.
• Dead Set, awesome-O zombie show from the UK.
• Andrea has been reading a book NOT by Stephanie Meyers! Christopher Moore’s Fool.
• Visioneers starring the current red hot Zack Galifianakis. This movie was released before he became The Hawtness and apparently he should be grateful for that.
• Long Weekend starring Mel Gibson’s Jesus. This movie was funded by Greenpeace and pitched with a Power Point presentation*.
• James was flipping channels, landed on The Disney Channel showing Lindsay Lohan in Labor Pains, and decided to watch it. This is his story.
• James can’t get into hamster watching, Andrea watched a pilot called Glee, and Dave thinks True Blood better have a good explanation for its insanity.

02:33:10 – Goodbyes

* – not really.

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40 Responses to The RotCast Episode #47 – Not Here To Make Friends Edition

  1. Grundy says:

    Wouldn’t a better comparison to The Hurt Locker have been Generation Kill?

    Well, I would say 28 Days/Weeks are zombie movies, the genre and concept has always been changing. I’d say as long as they things are mindless with only one thing on their minds (food, to kill, etc…) I would say they an fit in the genre.

    The only thing really good about True Blood is the opening theme/opening credits.

  2. Andrea says:

    James’s intro is still making me laugh!!!!
    Thanks to everyone for listening!!!

  3. Dave says:

    @Grundy – You’re right, it’s just that I found Generation Kill so unbelievably boring that I had completely forgotten about it.

    We’re going to have to agree top disagree on the 28 Days/Weeks thing, but I think I said as much to you 2 years ago when the last movie came out.

    Finally, if you think Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica the red head) from True Blood is somehow meh to True Blood, you are truly dead to me more so than you have been in the past. :)

  4. Goon says:

    notes after 50% of the show

    – well that opening spiel just came out of nowhere. I’m about as eager to go there as James and Andrea clearly were

    – Twitter still sucks

    – Gonna def. see Hurt Locker but I’m worried I may not like it, because I can see a scenario where I dont get any tension if I dont like the characters. This hurt me through the first half of Generation Kill. I also prefer war movies on DVD because I honestly lose track of who’s who in half of war movies. Pause Rewind Check Again.

    – I agree with Dave that Pontypool was overrated but some of the GRR Canada stuff is just weird, even if theres an admission of 60% trolling. What’s weird is that theres these hipster accusations and yet we’re technologically behind? I think you have it in reverse, urban Canada, the Canada on the Internet, is a very hipster, irony driven thing, and THAT is what is going on with those Sam Bee articles, we over-poke at ourselves because we like taking stereotypes we see Americans having of ourselves and running with them, taking them to the next level and/or trying to make ourselves look more boring. That’s what Sam Bee is doing, that’s what so many Canadian comedians are doing. It’s their version of the crappy Cho or Russell Peters-ish poke-fun-at-my-own-race humor.

    Pontypool isn’t a quirky hipster movie to me, it’s just a movie that has been embraced by hipsters. And I think its easy to see why. One – take on a zombie concept. Two – its Bruce McDonald, who is still coasting off of respect from some of his earlier work, in particular for me Hard Core Logo, one of my favorite movies. It’s very very Canadian, but its a very smart, somewhat comedic pseudo documentary of a dysfunctional punk band. I’d highly recommend it if you can find it, I think Tarantino stuck his name on it for exposure in other countries.

    So sorry man, but we’re quite technologically sound :P – I mean Toronto and Vancouver alone – we’re the ones jumping on and feeding every Twitter or Facebook type site long before the world catches on, we’ve got RIM up here making my life annoying, and our new media development is rolling out every single website and web campaign for companies we don’t even have up here. I don’t know how they roll out in Kirkland Lake or Moose Jaw, but that’s about as indicative of how things are going up here as Macon or Wasila is of how you live.

  5. Dave says:

    Goon, the title of this episode is meta. Can you figure out why?

  6. Dave says:

    ” I also prefer war movies on DVD because I honestly lose track of who’s who in half of war movies.”

    There’s only 3 real characters in The Hurt Locker. If you lose track of who’s who in that movie, you’re doing it wrong.

  7. Dave says:

    Christ I guess better explain myself anyway regarding show’s opening.

    Fucking joke. Cash for Clunkers? A joke. So many damn health care anecdotes yet so little facts? A joke. Stimulus program that is supposed to be progressive and streamlined with a blowhard “watchdog” overseeing it? A real fucking joke.

    I’m starting to identify with The Comedian more and more, expect for the raping and killing parts.

  8. Dave says:

    One last thing and I’m done:

    I believe it was either Sean or Alicia Dwyer who quoted, on Twitter, “Toronto is like New York but without all the stuff.”

    The hipster accusations were not directed at Canadians. I was speaking more of American hipsters who would probably dig Pontypool because of its outside nature. Perhaps I should have made that more clear on the show but it was hard when James was so baffled at my thoughts on the movie and he and Andrea both kept giving me strange looks. The fact is the movie bored me more than it did entertain, but saying just that is, well, boring. Yeah I trolled more than I should have but look at the response I got! I could have just said “It’s a meandering and pretentious hipster horror film that wallows in its Canadian-ness” and left it at that.

    Our show, however, has to differentiate itself from other podcasts somehow. Perhaps I was a little too much of a dick in this one, but it was really all I had to offer. I’m just not very good at being negatively nice. :(

  9. Dave says:

    Hey Grundy, since you still got some sway over at Stale Popcorn, do me a favor and go reply to Hazmat’s last comment about Iron Man 2. He says that the movie is “litteraly proving that the movie Idiocracy was a real prediction from prophets and not just aother funny sitcom.

    Respond with, “I thought everything you type on the Internet was a literal translation of that movie.”

    I’d do it but I’d get the banhammer.

  10. Grundy says:

    I don’t think you would, but sure.

  11. Dave says:


    Pretty sure I would cause when that site started they called me all sorts of names. You were around when that shit went down in 07 right before they left to start that site. Think I’m still cool with wyverex but them other two. . .well, best not to show my face around there.

  12. Goon says:

    “There’s only 3 real characters in The Hurt Locker. If you lose track of who’s who in that movie, you’re doing it wrong.”

    Well thats good news.

    “I believe it was either Sean or Alicia Dwyer who quoted, on Twitter, “Toronto is like New York but without all the stuff.”

    I laughed at that too probably for the same reasons she did. Because we make fun of ourselves. It’s a comic exaggeration the same way their jokes about Cleveland were. Toronto has plenty of stuff, and oh boy plenty of drama. I’m sure compared to New York its pretty tame.

    I’ll just snarkily respond to the Canada stuff in general and say you’re just jealous that we can get by without the political drama here without 20 minute rants starting off our podcasts out of nowhere :P – but seriously, as I think I mentioned via email, our politicians go at each others throats in parliament/question period themselves, so theres much less need for them to attack each other in ads or underground ‘birther’ type movements when they will actually say what they mean to each others face. We dont’ fill the air with talk radio programs where people yell at each other as if they’re fans of opposing sports teams. It can be boring in an entertainment sense, and even maybe cause apathy among the public for stretches of time, but as a whole I’d say we’re quite happy we can co-exist with differing worldviews seemingly so much easier. We’re just as capable of zealotry as anyone else, but its much more responsive or defensive, I’d say.

    “So many damn health care anecdotes yet so little facts?”

    I dont want to get into a long discussion, my main comment on that whole situation is that the health care industry has so much money to protect their interests, and there are enough republicans and yes, so many democrats, beholden to them, that this fight over it, and the revisions in those bills, are so much more complex and mean than they would have been a couple decades ago. I think the existence of Medicare and top quality care for government members – almost all of them rich, also makes an impact. In general, it’s not an honest debate being had out there, and I express great annoyance at the portrayal of the Canadian system. Not the usual arguments but the idea put out there that infers that Canadians hate our health care system and that we consider it a nightmare, when the reality is that if you took it away from us, we’d riot in the streets the way the French hit the streets to protest every goddamn thing they can think of. And that’s pretty much all I can say about it, because to me if people can’t climb that simple curb of acknowledging that the system is POPULAR here, then I have absolutely no reason to trust anything they say about the issue. it just comes off as shallow bullshit spin.

  13. Goon says:

    Only other thing about the Canada comments on the show. Yes I know you were just needling for fun (well mostly), but it did poke at me the same way I guess my WoW comment poked at you. I was “That Fucking Guy” for about an hour thinking about it off and on. not because I’m some patriot, but only because usually when Americans needle that much about Canada, its out of the mouth of Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson, calling us a retarded brother or something. A lot of Canadians, even very very very cosnervative ones (friends and family included) tend to like the American left more than the American right, by the simple nature that the left shows us more respect, or at least shows more often that they’re aware of what’s going on here. A result Canadians seeking US approval way too much.

    And for the record, when I hear mindless non-joking America bashing among friends, I do usually give them an unwanted piece of my mind. It’s just annoying to put up with. I think its well documented of me going after Henrik about this all the time.

  14. Goon says:

    “Perhaps I was a little too much of a dick in this one”

    Well you rarely disagree on this show, so when you finally did, you seemed to be playing Heel Wrestler, or kidding on the square.

    BTW I have absolutely no idea which gay webmaster confrontation you were referring to.

  15. Dave says:

    I can’t stand politics here in the States, that much should be obvious. I’m a Libertarian, so by default I’m a kook in most arenas. It would be great if politicians kept the back and forth bullshit in the House and Senate chambers, but since most of the population doesn’t pay attention to that they have to take it outside, much to the dismay of those of us who do pay attention.

    I would take all of this off the Rotcast and put it onto The eGamer Show on, but some twobit blog hosting company snatched up the domain back in June and is extorting me for $12.95 to get it back. Thanks go to LivingDot for NOT sending me a notice of expiration back in May like they had in 2007 and 2008.

    tl;dr version:

    Don’t host your blog with BitWik

  16. Dave says:

    For my FINAL trick:

    I needled Canada so much because, well, ya’ll are low hanging fruit, not so much as the French, but there ya go. It also pissed me off that Pontypool was heralded in some circles as the “Second Coming of Canadian Cinema” . . .by Canadians. I felt a little betrayed by that and, subconciously I suppose, took my frustration out on the culture as a whole. Before you ask, Jay was talking about Canadian filmmaking in FJ’s podcast , and he specifically brought up Ginger Snaps and Pontypool as examples of good films made by Canadians. I fully agree with one and very much wanted to believe in the other.

    Remember, the brunt of my ire in this show was on Pontypool. Canada was the butt of my jokes for obvious reasons.

    I’m not here to make friends. :)

  17. Goon says:

    “It also pissed me off that Pontypool was heralded in some circles as the “Second Coming of Canadian Cinema” . . .by Canadians.”

    I will say James may have had a point that for you and I who listen to FJ and R3, that we may have enjoyed it more without so much hype or plot knowledge. I still liked it overall, but it’s no second coming. The Canadian films of recent years I’ve enjoyed are usually documentaries or cheap comedies like FUBAR or It’s All Gone Pete Tong. I think FUBAR is pretty universal.

    Look, McDonald, and for that matter Guy Maddin, gets instant credit up here from people the way Rolling Stone instantly gives U2 a 5 star review regardless of quality. It happens.

    A couple other Canadian movies I’d recommend: Last Night, and C.R.A.Z.Y., especially the latter.

  18. Goon says:

    C.R.A.Z.Y. is french, but don’t let that scare you away as it did for me – i spent a couple years ignoring it because of Francophobia or some other stupid reason. It’s an extremely strong coming of age movie. A lot of universal appeal despite plenty of gayness. Funny, dramatic, I think it’s getting remade in English somewhere.

    What’s funny is that the upcoming Scott Pilgrim movie is promising to be the first true Toronto movie, and yet its being directed by Edgar Wright, a Brit. high hopes for that, but it could be a tough adaptation. If you’re a comic guy you may know that series. A lot of retro gamer humor and other affectations that need to be in the movie that you may end up hating as quirk or something though. We’ll see.

  19. Dave says:

    Bah! Quirk can shave my scrote and get a colon exam. Edgar Wright, though, is still pretty zonking cool.

  20. Goon says:

    I have no problem with quirk when its used well. Everything to me is a case by case basis.

  21. Goon says:

    Anyways, if you were worried like coming off like a dick when you just mean to jostle, just take it as a fair critique you don’t have Jay’s deadpan delivery to pull it off :P

    When you’re on a rant, you know who you remind me of?

    :D – hope you’re not too insulted.

  22. Dave says:

    Jim Cornette is the least offensive wrestling shill you could have compared me to.

    Now Jimmy Hart on the other hand. . . .

  23. Dave says:


    *fist bump*

    That kid is super obnoxious.

  24. Dave says:

    By the way, Goon, that Cornette rant is fucking awesome.

  25. Goon says:

    ever see this one?

    I havent listened to all of this yet and wouldnt want to comment on any points, but wow, I didnt know Cornette was this political. I guess I shouldnt be shocked, but I guess since Flair is a Huckabee fanatic I assumed Cornette was a right winger. Very wrong:

  26. James says:

    Goon doesn’t like Twitter cause there’s no way he could edit himself down to 140 characters. No chance. Zero.

    Note that I’m the one that likes Canada and Canadians. And Pontypool. Remember that when filling out your “How are we doing?” cards at the end of the season…

    Seems like only the people who have had Pontypool hyped to them before seeing it have a dislike for it. Hmmm… I still contend that for what they were trying to do, ie tell a small story from the perspective of that small story, they were very successful. In making a large Zombie film with multiple sets, plentiful effects, etc etc the whole 9 – sure – they failed. I agree. But they weren’t making that movie, so its kind of unfair to judge it by that standard.

    I blame FilmJunk. Or Canada.

  27. Dave says:

    Jim Cornette needs to be on medication. Period. He and also the other Demtards need to look into what investment into the war effort did to stimulate the US economy rather than FDR’s New Deal. Also, look at how many executive orders Obama has rolled back since taking office. . . .ah ha. Why so serious?

    James, if it’s unfair it by those standards, fine. I will now judge it by the standards you set forth. . . .it still fails.

    I blame FilmJunk AND Canada.

  28. Goon says:

    I finished the Cornette thing (and part 2 which goes after Pelosi and Reed to some degree, and explains he’s really only big on Obama). I actually enjoyed a lot of Cornette’s rampage, but I’m exhausted of arguing politics on your threads. Just go ahead and call me a Demtard. :D I dont like a lot of your fan favorites. C’est la vie. Whatevs.

    I hope you’ll just appreciate that between the birther-esque conservatives that post on FJ, and the Campea bootlickers pretending his trailer is good, I don’t have a whole lot of gusto towards starting intense political arguments with people I actually like. There comes a point where you have to agree to disagree and move on, and unless something really ticked me off I’d probably keep the eye rolling to myself in the future. I’ll funnel the outrage into something else, like why Twitter is shit

    (Killer segue)

    I can get down to few characters on Facebook status updates. The problem though is almost anything worthwhile to me can’t be filtered to that level. When Twitter provides me something worth reading, I will entertain notions that said setup is of merit. To date though, people like rot at R3 are extoling its cultural virtues to me, and yet his Twitter is just posting Lil Wayne lyrics and lines from poems. Doesn’t do it for me.

    I saw a news report this evening about the Twitter user breakdown by age. Over 60% of those 25-34 are on it, whereas 25 and under is a whopping 15% at best, which surprised me considering the texting element involved, which the kids love. Makes me wonder if its an age thing that some people grow into, or if younger people will indeed push it away. I still think it’s a passing thing, and within a year and a half it will be something else.

  29. Goon says:

    Re: Pontypool, I thought Dave would bring up some specific objections, but I don’t think they were there. While the movie format to some degree is the best outlet for examining what happens when language is the virus, that people who work on radio and as speakers would be the ones to figure it out, etc – I was hoping there’d be more of an examination of that medium, and getting more accounts from the people of the chaos, and in fact show me even LESS than they did and just keep it on the radio. Instead its all about Chopper Whatshisface in the Sky and the BBC, and the only regular caller got cut off. Was disappointed in that.

  30. Goon says:

    I posted this on R3 before, but I doubt James would have seen it

  31. Dave says:

    ” I thought Dave would bring up some specific objections, but I don’t think they were there.”

    Okay, how ’bout this, ya’ Demtard :) Not only was Pontypool about a radio station, it was about a radio station I wouldn’t even listen to in real life. It was populated with people I didn’t care about doing things that didn’t interest me. The difference between this movie and Primer is that Primer had boring characters doing cool shit. I would imagine both movies cost about the same amount to make.

    Also, what the fuck was up with the doctor that just magically crawled in through the window during the second act? I thought that maybe he might have a bit more rational insight on the proceedings, but instead he was just as big a kook as Grant Mazzy.

    Supposedly the movie employed what Bruce McDonald called “the best available special effect technology – the human imagination.” Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. This was a movie for people who don’t like reading books. . . .like James. ;p

    Also, I would call this Epic Thread but it’s really just me and you doing what we normally do in e-mail.

  32. Goon says:

    see for me Primer is the movie I can’t sit through, too obsessed with its own timeline and puzzle nature and not enough with telling a story that’s actually interesting. It’s time travel porn where the girl doesn’t even get naked. Or something.

    “it was about a radio station I wouldn’t even listen to in real life”

    I dont buy this argument. Not that I’d listen to some Imus type radio guy either, but isn’t the point of most stories to put yourself into that kind of world?

  33. Dave says:

    How is it an argument? I was stating how I felt, not trying to convince you for or against.

  34. Andrea says:

    Go see G.I. Joe!!! I Will tell you why on the next Rotcast! Trust me on this movie pick.

  35. Goon says:

    I saw GI Joe. I think Dave may end up regretting his promise to not post again re: the ratio of suck vs. TF2

    GI Joe is worse, it’s not even interestingly bad. It’s a non-stop bore.

  36. Dave says:

    I regret nothing, even after having seen the film. But let’s be honest here, Goon. Do we *really* need to exchange 5000 words in a debate about GI Joe?

  37. Goon says:

    The movie didnt rape my childhood because I was never a big GI Joe fan. But I do feel like I was raped in some form, and that at some part I just became numb to what was happening and passively watched bullshit pass by my eyes on a screen in front of me.

    I have nothing to say about GI Joe that isnt offensive hyperbole.

  38. Dave says:

    Well, I’m not going to stop your from spewing it, but I’m also not going to get baited into anything. Also, I would advise you to wait until the next show where you can just leave a “mehfag” comment and be done with it.

  39. Andrea says:

    Really you think Transformers 2 was better then G.I. Joe? Wow, because Transformers 2 sucked big amounts of sweaty nut sacks. I don’t remember G.I. Joe sucking balls when I watched it in my private screening.

  40. Goon says:

    I did like Transformers 2 more than GI Joe, but I did not like Transformers 2. I don’t think GI Joe is much worse than the first Transformers, but still worse, and more boring.

    It’s as simple as this really – I was more bored during this than those other movies. The closest related boring thing I saw was Wanted. Both it and GI Joe are indeed non stop action, but I didnt give a shit about anything that was happening, and nothing was particularly memorable. I eventually was so disconnected from GI Joe that I actually could not properly recount what actually happened.

    With Transformers 2, I can count off “remember when this happened?”, “what the fuck was with X?”, etc. – you know when a movie is WTF interesting bad that you can actually discuss it at length. For me GI Joe doesn’t even have that, it was just one flatline bore, no peaks or valleys, just there. The reason Dave, you dont have to worry about a very long vitriolic attack on you, is becuase I couldnt argue this movie in detail. And I’m not even mad over it, I didnt care if it was good or not, had no nostalgic need for it to be good or bad.

    So in the end I can’t say I was disappointed because I was never promised it would be good from the trailers or marketing. The only people that promised something from it were a handful of bloggers I don’t even really follow that much.

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