The RotCast Minisode #11 – Digital Kick

The RotCast Minisode #11 – Digital Kick

This time on The RotCast we talk about a wicked action sequel that should do just as well on Netflix as the first one. Seriously, if you just want to read the show notes and not listen to the episode, The Raid 2 kicks ass and you should see it if you’re into action movies.


  • The Raid 2


Full Runtime:  41min 23sec


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1. Bad Religion – True North (1:55)
2. Isabel Barley – Don’t Let Me Go (original mix) (3:45)
3. EDU – For The Heart (Radio Edit) (3:47)
4. Robbie van Doe – Deception (Johann Stone Remix) (6:51)
5. Love N Frequency – Don’t Look Back (Original Mix) (8:04)
6. Sergey Nevone – Unhappy Marionette (NoBraiN Experimental Remix) (4:01)
7. Rene Ablaze & AxelPolo – Contact (Angel Ace Radio Edit) (3:53)
8. Essonita ft. Irina Makosh – Assure You (Gradian Dub Mix) (7:28)
9. Coheed & Cambria – Dark Side Of Me (5:02)

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