#150 – The Best of The History of The RotCast Vol 1: The First 100 Episodes

Whelp, here it is, our epic best-of/history-of clip-show, spanning the first 100 episodes of the RotCast. We cut out most of the bullshit and still this thing is a beast. So big it was crashing mp3 players and we had to split it into two parts!

There’s stuff in here for every fan of the show, both old and new. Historic battles of wit and stupidity, train-wrecks a plenty, arguments over sparkling vampires and catty Harry Potter characters. Oh, and occasionally we act like adults, too.

We fully expect exactly nobody to listen to this in one sitting. Take your time, let it sink in. Let the notes below guide you on your path through the beginnings and early middles of… the RotCast…

Season 1 – Start at the beginning of the Part 1 MP3

  • Ep #1 – The first RotCast
  • Ep #2 – The Wachowski Siblings
  • Ep #4 – Transformer’s Discussion, Fan DVD Commentaries, 1st trashing of Harry Knowles, World War Z, Indiana Jones 4
  • Ep #7 – The Movie Blog take-down request, rants on movie studios, James’ Rodney Dangerfield impression
  • Ep #11 – Children of Men trailer, TMNT trailer, Heath Ledger’s casting as The Joker
  • Ep #13 – Employee of the Month, Golden Girls & Lindsay Lohan jokes
  • Ep #14 – Die Hard 4, Justin Long jokes
  • Ep #16 – Dave reviews Ginger Snaps, Mention of HOTD commentary, Paul Giamatti dick jokes, Dark Knight title bet
  • Ep #17 – HotD Commentary, Werewolf argument, Apocalypto & drunk Mel Gibson, Neil Blomkamp to direct Halo, JJ Abrams to direct Star Trek, Kevin Smith’s horror movie
  • Ep #18 – More on the HotD commentary
  • HotD DVD Commentary – Intro, Carrot Top, Clint Howard, Erica Durance nude scene, James loves Ona Graouer, vomit, roundup
  • Ep #20 – Nick the Stick sketch, HotD commentary, Some Kind of Monster review
  • Ep #21 – Dave doing a British accent character
  • Ep #22 – Nick the Stick, more Lindsey Lohan jokes, What makes a good porno?
  • Ep #23 – Jungle book movie, First appearance of Andrea

Season 2
– Start at 3:12:33 of the Part 1 MP3

  • Ep #24 – The First Video Show, open sketch
  • Ep #29 – Evan Almighty review
  • Ep #31 – The Last video show, closing news segment

Season 3
– Start at the beginning of the Part 2 MP3

  • Ep #32 – Our one-year hiatus
  • Ep #33 – Banter with Andrea, eGamer Show jingle, Surveillance review, First use of the “yes/no” system
  • Ep #37 – Andrea and Dave alone
  • Ep #39 – Porn vs Horror
  • Ep #42 – Andrea tries to synopsize Up, On Racism, Twilight fight
  • Ep #45 – Dave’s spam folder
  • Ep #47 – The infamous Pontypool Review
  • Ep #50 – First episode of Movie Webmaster Big Brother, How many films does QT have fight
  • Ep #54 – Cum Brothers Nomination on MWBB
  • Ep #56 – Harry Potter fight
  • Ep #57 – Andrea’s Orange Juice Addiction, James reviews Gamer and The Pacifier
  • Ep #59 – Innuendo Andrea, Andrea rips on Dave, Punching Quentin Tarantino in the Face
  • Ep #61 – Movie Webmaster Big Brother Winner reveal
  • Ep #65 – Oscar setup, Horror Montage, Best Director/Picture, James hates on Katherine Bigelow

Season 4
– Start at 4:36:59 of the Part 2 MP3

  • Ep #71 – Andrea and Dave alone (again)
  • Ep #74 – Dave’s Salacious Crumb laugh impression
  • Ep #75 – Dave’s Salacious Crumb laugh impression (continued)
  • Ep #79 – Dave parodies the open of The Movie Blog Podcast
  • Ep #85 – Did Dave Kill Jack Horkheimer, Piranha is soft core porn
  • Ep #90 – Dave hates on Canadians (again), Dave sells a stuffed animal to Bill Murray
  • Ep #100 – The RotCast by the numbers

Full Runtime: 9hr 19in 52sec



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