Body of Lies = Enemy of the State

Well, not exactly, but it sure as hell reminds me of it. Maybe it’s the satellites, black helicopters and explosions. Plenty of flicks have those these days though. Hmmmm….

A new trailer for the Ridley Scott directed action-espionage film Body of Lies has hit the tubes, this time a bit more loudly than the first sneak attempt (which did nothing for me). The film stars that guy from Titanic and that other guy from Gladiator that both seem to be unnaturally attracted to Oscars. The movie looks interesting and fun, no doubt – but I still can’t seem to shake a particularly sad feeling while watching it…

I mean, isn’t this made by the same guy who gave us Blade Runner and Alien? Body of Lies seems kind of… uninspired… by comparison. No? Link.

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