Cinemetrics: Crowd-Sourcing the Average Cut Time

Ever wonder how long the average time between cuts is? The guys at Cinemetrics have, and they decided to find out with a little heavy-lifting help from their friends… If you consider their “friends” anyone with a PC or flash-enabled web-browser that is willing to watch a film while clicking their mouse at every cut.

You are presented with a simple interface allowing you to push buttons as shots on the movie player switch. The software must be run simultaneously with the user watching the movie. So one movie’s dynamics data can be gathered in one viewing. There is an option to pause for tea as well. Once the movie is over, you are presented with some basic statistics (length of the movie, number of shots, average shot length).

The results are then uploaded to Cinemtrics database which, in true crowd-sourcing fashion, is open to everyone for viewing and analysis. Did you know the average length of a single cut in The Matrix Reloaded just barely squeaked past 3 seconds? Well, now you know.

I love the internets. Link.

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