Dan Aykroyd Wants To Sell You His Skull

Watch in awe as Ray from Ghostbuster’s does the hard-sell for his new skull-shaped bottle of triple hercamer-diamond filtered, newfoundland deep aquifer, pure spirit vodka. Link.

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5 Responses to Dan Aykroyd Wants To Sell You His Skull

  1. Nionix says:

    I honestly can’t tell if it’s a joke or not. UFOs? Spirits? Or did they just pile on the money so he’d give a “spirited” delivery for the commercial?

  2. Grundy says:

    Well, Aykroyd does believe in that stuff so…

  3. Chris says:

    Yah. Ditto what Grundy said.

  4. Nionix says:

    Oh yeah, duh.

  5. Dave says:

    Dan Aykroyd’s three steps to understanding the spirit world:

    1) Pop cork.
    2) Imbibe whole bottle of pure Canadian distilled water and ethanol.
    3) Shtart believingedse in everting u reed of teh interweeeeebbsssssssss *donk*

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