Fun With Word©: The Sopranos Finale Explained

Sure, you could read this exhaustive 178 paragraph – 1,565 line – 21,890 word – 101,059 character (w/out spaces) explanation as to what exactly was going through David Chase’s mind when he decided to end the most popular premium-cable TV show with… well, nothing.  Or you you could let Microsoft Word’s “autosummary” feature do the heavy lifting for you!


Tony is dead. A: Tony walks into Holsten’s.

Tony is dead.

Tony isn’t exactly paranoid:

Tony and Carmela have a critical conversation that foreshadows Tony’s death. During Tony’s “coma trip”, Tony Blundetto/“Man” told Tony that “You’re Going Home”. Tony’s “Journey” is over. Tony is clearly scared.

Tony replies “than life”.

Just like Tony Soprano.

Kind of reads like a severely malformed Hiaku, no? But seriously, if you have an hour (or ten) to snuggle up with Random Internet Person’s good o’le fashioned impeccably-researched theories on POV shots, it’s worth the time. I’m convinced. Link.

On a side note, I guess the Sopranos movie, if it ever happens, will not be a continuing of the Tony story, timeline-wise. I’m good with that.

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