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Practical Madness Oscar Game

Every year around this time, like many film fans, I jot down my Oscar picks. More times than not I score fairly well – with my weakest categories almost always ocouring in the “shorts” categories (cause I haven’t seen them) and the sound/visual effects field (it’s like comparing one juicy apple to another juicy apple to me). This year I’ve decided to make my picks official and challenge anyone to best me in public!

For as long as he can remember, David over at Practical Madness has put together a slick new Oscar Pool tracking website every year, using the annual event to improve his coding, design, and usability skills. This years site is phenomenal both in looks and function. I’ve chosen David’s site as host of our first annual Oscar Pool. To participate:

1) Go here and register with the site. It’s quick and painless.

2) Go here and join the “ Readers Pool”.

Participating automatically enters you into David’s contest (he’s giving away unspecified gift certificates – maybe) and I’m also throwing in an additional prize for the best picker of our pool. To the winner goes the spoils – a $20 gift certificate to the online retailer of the winners choice. Picks must be locked in by 5:30 PM on February 24th – don’t delay!

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10 Responses to Join Our Oscar Pool – Win Stuff!

  1. Dave says:

    If Daniel-Day Lewis wins, they should play this as he walks to the stage:

  2. Grundy says:

    That was retarded.

  3. Dave says:

    And dude, you really need to get a Something Awful account.

  4. Dave says:


    You win. Thread destroyed.

  5. Nionix says:

    /r9k/ > Something Awful > /b/

  6. Dave says:

    You just sandwiched SA in between 4chan boards. Goons are going to eat you alive now.

    OT: James, I just found out I can stream Internet videos (YouTube, google) onto my 360 using Winamp. . .I think. Seriously, I just found a new directory in the Video section, and in it where YouTube and Google directories. I can’t search for anything, but I can browse the front page directories (Most Viewed, Highest Rated).

    However, it kind of sucks because the first thing I clicked was What the Buck, and this dude sucks balls. Anyway, the 360 is kicking all sorts of multimedia ass these days.

  7. Grundy says:

    Yeah, James Gunn has some shorts or something that are going to be available on the 360 in a while.

  8. Tower says:

    I love using the 360 to stream videos off my laptop. No more need to burn discs!

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