Link Blowout v.51

Milkshake lolcat

Be Kind, Rewind, Amanda Bynes
Is Michel Gondry’s upcoming Be Kind, Rewind a direct rip from Nickelodeon’s early 90’s The Amanda Show? You decide.

Quite Possibly the Nerdiest Thing Ever on the Internet
Besides the site you are currently reading, of course. More on topic, should we expect anything less from Star Wars prequel holdouts?

There Will Be Tacos
Brace yourself, this is the first of many. Related.

Juno Burger Phone
That’s right ladies – You too can be a self-confident, disaffected, trendy teen rebel with your very own plastic burger phone! As seen on the big-screen!

Forget the Film
A collection of animated film title sequences. Some of these are brilliant and a true art on its own.

Movies That Rhyme
Always remember: Movie fandom is serious business.

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