Link Blowout v.52 – Oscar Edition

• Oscar Leaks
Waxy (aka Andy Baio) collects the data on the amount of time it take nominated films to go from theater release to pirated online copy, proving once again that when it comes to the Internet – the tighter you squeeze the fast you lose your grip.

• Betting the Oscars
The odds are looking good for films ending in Country and Blood, not so much for the rest of the field.

• How Well Do You Know the Oscars?
I scored 16/25. Dare ya to beat it, sucka.

• Oscar Trailers
All of them.

• Nominated Live Action Short Films
All of them.

• Nominated Animated Short Films
All of them.

• Oscar Slumming
Slate takes us through the age old art of winning an acting Oscar, then immediately selling out in your next film.

• 80 Oscar Facts
Wish I had read this before taking that quiz.

• Sarcastic Oscar eCards
There Will Be Blood is an unforgettable masterpiece I pray to god I never have to sit through again.” Love it, bitch.

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3 Responses to Link Blowout v.52 – Oscar Edition

  1. Tower says:

    I only scored a 15. I bow to you James!

  2. Grundy says:

    Ha, I did a 9.

  3. James says:

    Wow, and I was a little ashamed of my 16. ;)

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