Link Blowout v.53 – The Dark Knight Edition

• Michael Bay’s Rejected ‘Dark Knight’ Script
This took a lot of time and care to pull off, and boy does it. Hilarious in all the right ways.

• 30 Seconds With Mr. Freeze
While drinking in the inevitable greatness of Nolan’s second, I think it’s important to remember the travesties of the past. Never forget.

• A Look Back At ‘Begins’
iFanboy takes a hard look at Nolan’s first Batman film. I agree with everything their crew has to say both pos/neg but would add that the first needed more action. Early word says we are getting that with TDK. Huzah!

• Joker -vs- Joker
Not as good as Battle of the Batmans, but I see what you did there. [via]

• JoBlo Interviews ‘Dark Knight’ Director Chris Nolan
It’s loading a little slow at the moment, but well worth the wait.

• More Cowbell
Vaguely related.

• ‘Dark Knight’ Casts Oscar Record
Impressive. I don’t think I realized until just know how deep Nolan’s cast really is.

• WTF?!
The ‘Dark Knight’ trailer on a budget. You gotta love Youtube. Or not.

• Why ‘Dark Knight’ Might Not Break Records
Just for arguments sake.

• The Origins of ‘Dark Knight’
Our link of the week. Vh1 (of all places) links the actors performances in Dark Knight with their comic counterparts. Influences, inspiration? It’s all explained (or hypothesized – depending on your point of view) within.

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2 Responses to Link Blowout v.53 – The Dark Knight Edition

  1. patrick says:

    kudos to the makers Dark Knight for their record breaking opening weekend… it’s no wonder there’s talk of another one coming out ASAP

  2. Nionix says:

    Woo hoo! Return of link blowout. How I missed you.

    Not James, just links.

    I like a good link fix.

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