Lionsgate Is The First Studio To “Get It”

Lionsgate, despite their horrendously un-updated website, looks to be the first Hollywood studio to really get the whole YouTube thing. Google (who owns YouTube) recently announced a deal with the studio that will place and share the revenue for ads added to videos the studios uploads, as well as user-uploaded videos that feature their films. That’s right – while other studios are busy trying to figure out how to get around that pesky “Fair-Use” thing that keeps them from suing the Internet giant, Lions Gate has decided to play nice – and make a little bit of money off the enthusiasm of fans of their film catalog…

Talks about the revenue-sharing deal emerged after Lions Gate[sic] worked with YouTube to remove pirated copy from the site, Marvis [Lionsgate’s president of digital media] said. Some unsanctioned “Dirty Dancing” clips on YouTube have generated more than a million views.

“The idea here is not to alienate fans of particular movies or TV shows,” Marvis said. “We just want to make some money out of it.”

Between this and Hulu, there might just be hope for Hollywood yet. Link.

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2 Responses to Lionsgate Is The First Studio To “Get It”

  1. Dave says:

    Fuckers still have Bug as “coming soon” to theaters.

    ORLY? Going to actually promote the film this time around?

    Dude, you were on a roll last night!

  2. James says:

    I like how at the top they claim Saw III to be in theaters and at the bottom of the same page they are advertising Saw III as “New on DVD”. Has Lionsgate gone day-and-date to DVD on their films?

    Nope. They are just lazy. :)

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