Speed Racer Mosaic’ified!

Step 1 was to extract several thousand still frames from the original movie. Easily done if you have a copy and know how to use mplayer’s video filters.

Step 2 was to take the Speed Racer trailer and extract the individual frames and soundtrack. Again, easily done with mplayer.

Step 3 is as simple as doing some magic foo with your mosaic tools so you end up with mosaic versions of each trailer frames, using the original movie frames as tiles. Easy but slow.

Step 4 is to put the mosaic’d trailer frames back with the soundtrack and encode it all with mencoder. Doodle.

We’ve all seen this effect as posters, but the result as moving video is beyond trippy. Hit the link to see the vid in action, and be sure to check out the 120mb two minute video download, if your rig can handle that kind of action. Link. [via]

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