Step Right Up! Test Your Sequel Knowledge!

Thin you know how many 13th’s occurred on a Friday? How many times Freddy died? How many Dogs played Soccer with evil Leprochauns whilst Scanning some Corn Children in Amityville? Go here, test your knowledge, try to beat my score. It won’t be too hard, trust me (omg Hellraiser for 1/10). Darn dirty Apes!

On a side note, here is where I would tell you, dear reader, that I am returning to regular posting. I won’t, however, because you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway. Natch. Link. [via]

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5 Responses to Step Right Up! Test Your Sequel Knowledge!

  1. Dave says:

    Hell, I’m your best friend, and even *I* don’t believe you!

  2. largefarva says:

    5/10. Some of those killed. Thanks for updating again Melt, I fell off the wagon again!

  3. Chris says:

    Yah. Did it last night, and I think I got somewhere around a 5 +/- 1 . Stupid Children of the Corn. I thought they left off at 6. :)

    Cool quiz though. And, definitely nice to see you posting again, Melt/James.

  4. Nionix says:

    Ha, I got a 2/10 after stumbling on it. Stupid Children of the Corn. And I should have known all of them, as I work at Blockbuster.

    Yay for Melt!

  5. Grundy says:

    8/10 bitches. The only ones I fucked up on were Soccer Dog (I know, and I call myself a fan of film). And the Mcgann brothers (again I’m a bastrd for not knowing this).

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