The RotCast Episode #36 – Breaking Topic


The boys go it alone this week, and as a result this episode was all over the place – but a lot of fun & loaded with jokez! And I think we’ve finally got the hang of this audio mixing thing. (Jinx!)

~~ Show Notes ~~
00:00:00 – Intro
• America’s financial crisis
• Disney World
• Movie theater economics

00:21:35 – Breaking Bad discussion
• Meth stories & addiction discussion
• Advertising before movies
• Madmen -vs- Breaking Bad
• Dave recommends Nascar Thunder 2003 for the PC
• Andrea calls in with a special announcement
• Zack & Miri chose the wrong business
• We finally discuss Breaking Bad

01:22:50 – Outro
• The Wire
• Is Ben from Lost dead?
• James reviews Monsters -vs -Aliens, 3D discussion
• Aging musical acts that performed at Universal Studios
• James reviews Ong Bak 2 & Winged Creatures
• Dave can’t finish start the doc Dear Zachery
• We take sides on Alex Proyas
• Neither of us can stomach The Knowing (sorry Dom!)
• James is addicted to Twitter (follow him @altrot!)
Chatting with strangers on the Internet

02:17:01 – Goodbyes

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7 Responses to The RotCast Episode #36 – Breaking Topic

  1. Dave says:

    “Dave can’t finish the doc Dear Zackari”

    No, no, I can’t even *start* Dear Zachery, especially not after wading through a toxic argument about it over at Row Three.

    With that said, I still approve of this podcast.

    By the by, if that shot doesn’t automatically sell you on Breaking Bad, there is nothing we can say that will do the job.

  2. Grundy says:

    Dear Zachery almost had me in tears by the end, and I’m cold hearted bastard.

  3. Goon says:

    is the DZ segment going to hurt my feelings?

  4. Goon says:

    re: getting in a funk on certain issues via documentaries or spin

    I completely empathize with that more than you’ll know. But i cant stop myself from entering into that sort of experience, even if i feel like shit for several days. I guess I value the arguments and discussion and self-examination of my beliefs that I get from something like that than I do about feeling like shit or alienating the people who disagree with me.

  5. Dave says:

    It might be an age difference here, but I’m at a point in my life where I’ve had lots of time for self examination. Not much can challenge the beliefs that I have about the world, but there is much here that, when I confront it, leaves me cold. The idea that I find more comfort and just as much truth in fiction than I do non may seem alien to most, but that’s just how I choose to live these days.

    Irregardless, goon, you choose to live life however you want. In spite of what many may seem to think about you, you’re not really hurting anyone and I still value your opinion more than most.

  6. Goon says:

    my DZ heartlessness is probably on par with your Young@Heart heartlessness :P

    (For the record, I also thought Young@Heart was cheesy, and those scenes where they used the poster to amp up the heartbreak of the one guy dying… I thought that was a bit tasteless too, even if again – it was probably meant with good sincere intentions)

  7. Dave says:

    I believe that actual quote goes, “Hell is full of good intentions or desires.”

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