The RotCast Episode #40 – Star Trekkin


Or: “To Boldly Go Off On Web Nerds“… Whoo boy, I’m a little nervous to let this one out into the wild, thanks to the last 20 minutes or so in which Dave and I go at length dissecting our sore spots in relation to the movie news community, all while Andrea sits silently wondering where she went wrong to deserve such punishment. And oh yea, we talk Star Trek too.

~~ Show Notes ~~
00:00:00 – Intro
• We don’t get Meghan Fox

00:04:30 – Star Trek
• J.J. Abrams filmography & The Mission Impossible series
• Crazy celebs
• Star Trek discussion
• James details his geekiest Internet activity
• Dave dislikes Trek’s scriptwriters
• Dave and Andrea are gay for Simon Pegg
• Andrea’s racist observations (you decide!)
• James spoils The Wire (or does he?)
• Final thoughts on Star Trek

00:59:40 – Outro
• Dave & Andrea’s dog hates kids
• Todd McFarlane’s lisp / bad video game / Spawn remake
• Janeane Garofalo’s filmography
• Our love for Mystery Men
• Tyson documentary and general Mike talk
• James sees the Heidi Montag classic American High School
• Teen comedies that stand the test of time
• Dave and James couldn’t make a film without going crazy
• Fanboys (the movie) discussion
• Dave and James go on a geek-frenzied rant on other movie news websites, but mostly Harry Knowles

02:06:40 – Goodbyes

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13 Responses to The RotCast Episode #40 – Star Trekkin

  1. Dave says:

    ‘Cause you know but you don’t wanna (aaahhhhh)
    ‘Cause you want but you can’t have it (aaahhhh)

  2. Grundy says:

    I liked Star Trek, even though there plenty odd script choices and plot holes, it was fucking entertaining.

    I’m more of a The Specials guy than Mystery Men.

  3. Dave says:

    “I liked Star Trek, even though there plenty odd script choices and plot holes, it was fucking entertaining.”

    Pretty sure that was the consensus on the show.

  4. Good podcast guys. Found out about it today thanks to a tweet from James B.

    One thing I’d like to mention for the record is that Harry wasn’t the first guy to come up with the movie news website idea. My site predates Harry’s by a year and he’s gone on the record saying that mine served as inspiration to make AICN. You should do a show about the politics of movie news websites! Hell guys, I’ll volunteer my services as a guest commentator and offer my perspective on it. Maybe give Devin @ CHUD a ring too since he seems to be at the center of the discussion these days.

  5. Dave says:

    Patrick + Devin on The Rotcast? Shiiiiiiiiiiiit, I might as well not even show up. ;)

  6. Dave says:

    Also, Coming Attractions was always *sooooooo* much better than AICN back in the day. #blatantasskissing

  7. James says:

    Oh the stories I’m sure you guys could tell…

    Doubt it on the Devin though. He blocked me on Twitter because I tweeted that he was the only guy I know who actively trolls his OWN followers. Whatev.

  8. Dave says:

    ALSO, Rock Lobster is my favorite B-52s song. True story.

  9. If you want me to put a good word in with the Devinator, let me know. You never know. I have 100% faith that he is the most passionate person writing for movie websites today. Even if you think he’s full of shit, the man backs up his criticisms with evidence and a deep respect for film. He’s also vocal about internet ethics and I’ve slowly been learning myself that the game that’s played today is different from the game played 5 years ago. But I’m still new to returning and Devin’s been constantly on top of the game for at least 10 years without a break. He’s most likely got the best take on what the state of this medium is right now.

  10. Dave says:

    None of what you said is false (imo) and none of it changes that he doesn’t like neither James nor myself all that much.

    Unrelated: Vampire baseball.

  11. James says:

    Devin is a lonely, bitter, grumpy old film elitist – and I love him for it. There’s nobody writing for film on the Internet quite like him.

    You can try if you feel so inclined Patrick, but don’t be shocked if you get a big old “meh” from him.

    I’m kind of proud that he blocked me. :)

  12. Grundy says:

    “ALSO, Rock Lobster is my favorite B-52s song. True story.”

    I prefer the Dead Horse cover of it better.

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