The RotCast Episode #41 – Terminator: Lost Salvation


Dave and James take on the only Terminator film to get beat at the box-office by a Ben Stiller family flick, discuss the latest season of Lost, and ponder the exotic whereabouts of Andrea.

~~ Show Notes ~~
00:00:00 – Intro
• It’s animal kingdom at D&A’s house

00:04:30 – Terminator: Salvation Discussion (spoilers)
• Terminator franchise expectations & financial history
• Christian Bale’s newfound genre propensity
• T:Salvation -vs- Star Trek
• T:Salvation alternate endings
• Alpha Dog & other wigger films
• T:Salvation’s timeline in relation to the rest of the franchise
• Scenes cut from T:Salvation
• Going into T:Salvation with lowered expectations
• More Star Trek comparisons
• James wanted something more from T:Salvation
• Visual effects and sound design from the film
• Comparisons to Half Life and low budget sci-fi filmaking
• What’s in the Box? HL fan-film (watch it here)
• Final thoughts on T:Salvation

00:55:03 – Whatcha’ Been Watchin?
• Is Zack Snyder’s Dawn of Dead the perfect remake?
• James is tired of boring DVD extras
• Lost season 5 discussion (spoilers)
• Confusing Lost timelines and timeframes
• Dave’s theory on Jacob and predestination
• Will the island’s weirdness ever be explained?
• Lost season 6 concerns
• James’ inability to watch TV dramas to their conclusion

01:32:10 – Goodbyes

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13 Responses to The RotCast Episode #41 – Terminator: Lost Salvation

  1. Dave says:

    I will always approve of this podcast. . .except on Twitter.

  2. Goon says:

    the people who complained about BSG’s ending pissed me off, and I think a lot of Lost fans are going to be similarly pissed, and not for such great reasons, and too much desire to have every detail explained.

    Like the Starbuck angel stuff… the Hybrid basically spelled that out, Leoben had spelled it out, it had been suggested so many times and then people acted shocked – SHOCKED! – that BSG had religious explanations to things… its like they havent been paying attention…

  3. Goon says:

    OH GOD…

    James, your attitude towards Lost bugs me. Are you one of those “its the destination, not the journey” people? I’d love a great ending to Lost, and at this point I trust they’re going to give me one, but even if isnt perfect, its not going to change that I had over a hundred hours of intricate interesting thoughtful discussion-inducing entertainment along the way.

  4. James says:

    I love a great journey as much as the next guy. But why can’t we get both a great journey and a great destination? Wouldn’t that put Lost in a whole new category?

    Look, I was a fan of Heroes when it first hit the airwaves, Luckily that show showed its colors REAL QUICKLY in season 2 when it completely fell apart. Lost has shown cracks in the seams at times but has held up despite as the story has unfolded. I’m invested, I like the show. I wouldn’t watch 5 seasons of it if I didn’t enjoy the journey. I just want it pay off in the end in a satisfying manner. I’m not sure what that would mean exactly, but then again, I don’t get paid to create the show. That’s Abrams + company’s burden.

    I don’t need it all laid out for me, I just need some simple, series arching questions at least touched on. After 103 excellent episodes they now have only 16 left to start wrapping things up, and that includes a little explanation IMO.

    We’ll see…

  5. Goon says:

    I’m just saying that if the destination isnt all you hoped it would be, it doesnt necessarily undo anything else. I find a lot of the ‘destination’ people are the same people who feel like sequels ‘ruin’ the other movies or ‘rape their childhood’, a phrase I wish a quick but painful death.

  6. Goon says:

    I liked the middle third of Heroes s1 but thought it had a meh start and a crappy ending. But that doesnt undo that that middle part is still entertaining, and i dont feel I wasted my time watching it.

  7. James says:

    If Lost has a crappy ending then I won’t be able to help myself, it WILL soil some of the journey for me. I guess I’m just that guy.

    Here’s a ridiculous example: The Sopranos. Some criticized that show for having a crap ending and not really wrapping things up, but rather just bailing in the middle of the story. That ending didn’t bother me, as none of the remaining burning questions had any real weight to the storyline. Tony started the series as a lovable, violent jackass and he ended it the same way. All the characters ended where they began for the most part. In the Sopranos case, the story was set up to be more about the journey than the destination, and it worked, for me anyway.

    Now had Tony been able to magically heal from all wounds and his house started telling him what to do and forcing him to randomly jump through time, and even raise him from the dead etc etc etc… Well, in that case, viewers of the Sopranos might have deserved a little bit more of an explanation as to what the heck went on before the creative team takes the old exit-stage-left.

    Lost could be heading that way, and that would be a shame. I hope not, and I’ll reserve judgment until the end to be fair. Maybe Abrams+crew have some magnificent way to NOT explain anything and yet still create the most satisfying ending to a modern TV series ever. The man made Star Trek relevant again, right? Nothing’s impossible.

  8. Dave says:

    @Goon: His Lost attitude annoys me too. ;)

    By the by, that awesome Rotcast player at the bottom of the main page? That shit totally needs to be somewhere at the top. It rules.

  9. James says:

    Still working on the player. Will move to the top when its done.

  10. Goon says:

    Some things, including some major things, are probably not going to be resolved on Lost, and I’m fine with that, because if the mystery gets removed from everything it may not be quite as special. Wanting to know certain things > knowing certain things.

    Example: Were we better off with the original explanation of “The Force” or does midichlorians really do it for you?

  11. James says:

    Re: The Force

    The Force didn’t need to be explained because the concept of “chi” or “life force” was already widely accepted by the Star Wars audience. I agree, Lucas unnecessarily over-explained that.

    A time-shifting, all knowing, life-healing, impossible-to-find island? Sorry, requires even the slightest explanation, at the very least. In my mind the island is almost as important a character as any of the “humans” on the show. It would be like making Jack a main character, giving him the strangest and most story driving elements, and then not explaining a damn thing about him in the end. Seems lazy, not mysterious, in my book.

    And I love Twin Peaks, its one of my favorite TV series… I don’t need answers to everything to enjoy a series as a whole if there is enough of a payoff in another (unexpected) direction.

  12. Dave says:

    “It would be like making Jack a main character, giving him the strangest and most story driving elements, and then not explaining a damn thing about him in the end.”

    Well apparently Matthew Fox is the only cast member to know how the show ends. Read into that as you will.

  13. Goon says:

    I care more about the islands history than WHY the island is the way it is. WHAT the island is is more important, and what it can and can’t do. I’m not giving the Lost writers a free pass to do anything here, but I’m giving some leeway for mystery to remain, that it doesnt have to be like one of those movies where at the end when they’re explaining the twist, that they flash back to a zillion scenes in a few seconds to explain it to the dumbest person in the room.

    I want Lost to leave people still talking and having some theorizing left over. Not doing so would be betraying what made people so obsessed with it.

    “Lucas unnecessarily over-explained that.”

    The way I remember things is that people held the more giddy anticipatory ‘will we find out?’ view… until they found out. Then it was a “hey, dont look at me, i was happy the way it was” passing of the buck.

    But seriously, there are some things that are better left to mystery and being explained as ‘magic’ or given a supernatural explanation. The people expecting some scientific explanation to the island are going to be let down, and those who know nothing of the ARG are going to be sitting around waiting for a explanation of the Numbers that isnt coming. Just wait, there’ll even be people still complaining about Libby and the hospital, or the Hurley bird. Theres so much in that show and they’re not going to get to it all, and well – some of it just isnt important.
    And some things require some mind bending twist that a human being isnt capable of creating, so I just expect it to make sense, like Dave said about the Dark Tower.

    I want to know what the deal is with the Smoke Monster, but if its going to take too much bullshit to explain that isnt acceptable to swallow, then leave me some mystery, dont spell it all out. The things I expect to be resolved are things that are BIG DEALS but should be easy to explain given the way things have come along.

    ie. The skeletons with the black and white stones.

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