The RotCast Episode #49 – District Mine


Welcome to three weeks ago! District 9 comes out today! Find out what we thought of it before anyone else on the web gets a chance to wax ecstatic on it!

~~ Show Notes ~~
00:00:00 – Intro
00:09:20 – District 9
   • Our thoughts on the Avatar trailer
   • District 9 discussion [spoiler heavy]
01:03:20 – Whatcha’ Watchin?
   • Dave is playing WoW again
   • Why aren’t geek conventions on PPV?
   • Dave and Andrea’s report on RiffTrax Live!
   • Andrea gives us the scoop on Inglorious Basterds
   • Andrea changes her opinion on Hurt Locker
   • James reviews the docs Welcome to Macintosh and Second Skin
   • James reviews Bart Got a Room, Fighting, Informers, Tokyo Sonata, Vinyan, and Management
02:38:09 – Goodbyes

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5 Responses to The RotCast Episode #49 – District Mine

  1. Goon says:

    Is Bart Got a Room crap? I know someone in that movie, used to be a YTMND regular/friend before he got youtube famous and cast in BGAR.

    This guy:

  2. James says:

    Nope, not crap, but nothing amazing either. It has its moments here and there, but most of it is pretty forgettable.

    I vaguely remember your friend in it. He might have played the main character’s chubby friend who asks Alia Shawkat’s character to the prom about mid-way through.

  3. Grundy says:

    Basterds was great, easily Tarantino’s best. Anyone complaining about the dialogue being boring is seriously touched in the head, those scenes just keeping building up the tension until something terrible happens or you breathe a sigh of relief.

    The Informers, the only movie to have someone die of super AIDS.

  4. Dave says:

    James and I are easily looking forward to seeing it tomorrow night.

  5. Goon says:

    heres one for your extensive mashup collection:

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