The RotCast Episode #51 – Henry’s eGamer Edition


Welcome to the latest edition of The RotCast! In this episode we eliminate our first Movie Webmaster Big Brother contestant, and analyize Dave’s retro-review pick for Andrea and James, the 1986 flick Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. All that and more!

~~ Show Notes ~~
00:00:00 – Intro
   • Movie Webmaster Big Brother Episode #2 ***
00:18:50 – Retro-Review – Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer [spoiler free]
00:48:40 – Whatcha’ Watchin?
   • James orders his recent watchlist in order of quality including Trouble the Water, Manson, American Gangster, Race to Witch Mountain, Shorts
   • Dave’s recent YouTube/Twitter viewing habits
   • Dave’s interest in Chris Smith’s new doc Collapse, screening at TIFF, and its Peak Oil subject matter
   • Other TIFF films we are looking forward to (eventually) seeing including Daybreakers and [REC] 2
   • Andrea’s watching the 70’s britcom Good Neighbors (The Good Life in the US)
   • Andrea’s interest in the long-delayed Paranormal Activity and her belief in the paranormal
   • Dave and Andrea’s thoughts on Lord of the Rings Online and WoW
   • Thoughts on Beatles: Rock band
   • Thoughts on re-posting the old 2006 audio episodes of The RotCast
02:05:01 – Goodbyes

*** This season’s contestants include:
   • Devin Faraci (CHUD@devincf)
   • Harry Knowles (AICN@headgeek666)
   • Drew McWeeny (HitFlix@DrewAtHitfix)
   • Patrick Sauriol (Corona’s Coming Attractions@arcane_bimmer)
   • Vic Holtreman (ScreenRant@screenrant)
   • Josh Tyler (CinemaBlend@joshtyler)
   • Erik Davis (Cinematical@erikDavis)
   • Alex Billington (FirstShowing@Firstshowing)
   • Edward Douglas (ComingSoon!@EDouglasWW)
   • Sean Dwyer (FilmJunk@filmjunk)
   • Garth Franklin (DarkHorizons@darkhorizons)
   • Peter Sciretta (SlashFilm@slashfilm)

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3 Responses to The RotCast Episode #51 – Henry’s eGamer Edition

  1. Goon says:

    Your show notes spoiler murdered the drama of your first eviction. I rec in the future you wait to list ‘evicted!’ until the episode AFTER they are evicted. So next episode’s notes will still only show Alex as evicted


  2. Eeesh a little harsh to evict me first? Thanks anyway. :)

  3. James says:

    @Goon – An excellent point, noted and corrected.

    @Alex – Sorry dude, someone had to go first! Besides, we didn’t nominate you, Devin did. What a jerk that Devin is.

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