The RotCast Episode #60 – Avatards

In this episode we talk Avatar plus announce the finalists of Movie Webmaster Big Brother contestant, plus loads more!

[Note: Listener voting for the winner of Movie Webmaster Big Brother is now open, click here to cast your vote!]

~~ Show Notes ~~
00:00:00 – Intro
    • Movie Webmaster Big Brother Episode #10 ***
00:19:34Avatar Discussion
00:49:10 – Whatcha’ Watchin?
    • Dave’s Facebook adventures
    • Best films of 2009
    • Dave’s thoughts on Lost S1
    • Dave is happy about Dollhouse‘s cancellation
    • Dave and Andrea watched Jennifer’s Body
    • Andrea goes crazy over Meghan Fox
    • James’ thoughts on Invictus, 9, Humpday, Public Enemies, S.Darko, Extract, Tidal Wave, Adam, Chopper, Chopping Mall
    • A short RotCast retrospective
    • 2010 movies we are looking forward to
03:07:30 – Goodbyes

*** This season’s contestants include:

Sean Dwyer

Josh Tyler

Patrick Sauriol

Vic Holtreman

Harry Knowles

Erik Davis

Garth Franklin

Edward Douglas

Drew McWeeny

Devin Faraci

Peter Sciretta

Alex Billington

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24 Responses to The RotCast Episode #60 – Avatards

  1. Grundy says:

    I’m skipped out on seeing Avatar, it didn’t really appeal to me on any real level.

    Chopper is one of my favorite movies, it’s one of the films I can watch at anytime. It’s a great dark comedy.

  2. Dave says:

    It’s your loss but you know me, I’ve never been one to tell anybody they have to see anything. Well, I do think Collapse should be required for anyone wanting to talk about peak oil, or for that matter anyone interested in the shape of the next 10 years.

  3. Kasper says:

    While impressed about Avatars graphics, the story and characters was just so unappealing. The only bad-ass mofo was the colonel guy played by Stephen Lang, the rest of the characters were just mehh. Overall a dissapointing movie that I don’t think I’ll watch again unless I catch it randomly on tv some years from now.

  4. JustaPUREbarell of fun says:

    as a canadian wrestling isnt big in canada. when Dave said that and then James said “oh ya” or “sure” or something like that it was the most unintentionally funny moment of the podcast, im not mad or anything im just saying. i love these epic-in-length podcats, anything to keep me away from reality.

    Keep it up.

  5. Dave says:

    Kasper, what were you looking for? Rambo? I think your expectations for the movie were far different than mine, which were almost nil.

    And wrestling is most certainly treated differently in Canada than the US. Maybe I made a bit of a generality but among wrestling fans, its bigger in Canada than the US.

  6. JustaPUREbarell of fun says:

    lol ok, americans know eveything i forgot

  7. Dave says:


    It was an In Your House from 1998. The venue was Montreal, the first PPV there since Survivor Series nearly a year before, the infamous show where Bret Heart lost the title to Shawn Michaels in the infamous Montreal Screw Job. The match at the 98 PPV was between Mankind and The Rock, who was still a part of The Nation. In the States he wasn’t quite the face he would become. About 3 minutes into the match something weird happened. The Montreal started applauding The Rock. Jerry Lawler made the comment that Canada was like Bizarro World where everything was backwards. It wasn’t backwards; Canadian wrestling fans were just ahead of the curve.

    The only reason that show even sticks out in my mind is because of a sign a fan brought to the show. It was something I’d never seen at any American WWF show. The sign was a bold statement about everything a Canadian fan thought about professional wrestling in the late 90’s.

    The sign said, “Fuck!”

  8. James says:

    Not to gang up, but Canadians DEFINITELY take their pro-wrestling way more serious than Americans. There’s even a book dedicated to just Canadian wrestlers…

    Plus, compare the crowds of any Pay-Per-View with a Canadian audience to any Pay-Per-View with an American audience and the difference will be startlingly apparent. Do the same with a Japanese audience, again it will be different. It’s not a bad thing, just different. Actually, I quite prefer Canadian wrestling audiences.

    Also, major wrestling events have almost always sold out in Canada, even in times when the “sport” was barely surviving in US.

    I can’t believe we are arguing over this.

  9. Dave says:

    We need Goon in this thread.

    I’ll put up the Goon Signal.

    Having said that, I don’t rightly know what the hell the Goon Signal would look like, so here’s a picture of Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger.

  10. Marina says:

    I’m sad. No women listed for potential Movie Webmaster Big Brother.

  11. James says:

    Yea, it just didn’t fall that way this season. When we initially came up with a list of “house guests” we picked people who had a history within in the movie community that at least one of us knew pretty well, personality-wise. Unsurprisingly, as two web geeks since the late-90’s, not one woman in that group. We discussed putting a female in the game just to keep things fair but eventually decided that in order to have the best first season game possible we would only use players we had a handle on.

    There’s always Season 2 though!

  12. Goon says:

    “as a canadian wrestling isnt big in canada. ”

    you have no idea what you’re talking about. Canada has a disproportionate amount of wrestling fans, schools, promotions, everything. I dont know where you live but even among people I know who dont watch and even in fact hate wrestling Bret Hart is a household name.

    As for how we treat it differently… I dont think theres much stereotypical ‘fuck him up!’ type idiot wrestling fans here, a lot of people into it appreciate the art of choreographed action, iconic characters, and the hockey-like crowd atmosphere. Calgary likes to be the face uber-patriotic crowd, Toronto likes to root for the bad guys because we’re all smarks who appreciate the art of being a heel, and Montreal switches back and forth like a light switch on that.

    The people I picture being stereotypical redneck wrestling fans are probably the MMA fans here. I dont dig MMA, just a bunch of holding and really terrible tough guy merchandise. “Afflicted” is the Vuarnet of the 00s.

    Kroeger works as a signal if you’re trying to find something for me to spit at. In Toronto I walked past their star on the “Canada Walk of Fame” and literally had to take a moment to spit and stomp on it.

  13. Goon says:

    skip season 2 of big brother and just do Movie Webmaster edition of Wipeout! or Shark Tank.

  14. Goon says:

    Theres a lot more irony in a Canadian wrestling crowd, and a sense of rejection vs. what the WWE top brass insist we cheer.

    They try to pull reverse psychology when they hit the Toronto crowds now, trying to make a heel who lives in Toronto attack the Toronto crowd, but we’ll cheer them anyways because we see through the cheap tactic. But if that same wrestler I’m referring to (Edge) is a face, we’ll probably boo him out of the building.

    There’s also a double switch that happens in Toronto regarding John Cena. He doesnt have a split reaction, he has more cheers than boos. The kids and women all like him as usual, but the half that usually boos him in the States is split, because half hate him for the same reason a lot of the US audience hates him, rebelling against the WWE top brass, and the other half are rebelling against the people who hate him.

    I’m in that latter camp, he’s underrated as a performer and even think his album (which I have autographed) isn’t that bad :)

  15. JustaPUREbarell of fun says:

    i’m from hamilton goon, all i know is that nobody i know ever talks about wrestling. the only people it seems to me who like wrestling are like people who listen to insane clown possee and marilyn manson and dropped out of high school

  16. Goon says:

    well it is true that pretty much every ICP fan loves wrestling.

    that said I think your own personal experience isn’t the objective experience. Hamilton itself has a lot of wrestling fans, WWE drops into Copps Coliseum frequently.

  17. Goon says:

    Possibly the single biggest wrestling radio show in the world (and there are a lot, actually) is based out of Toronto – THE LAW

    Florida has a lot of wrestling radio shows too if i recall… a lot of wrestling history out of there though – from the old WCW tapings, to TNA now, and WWE’s current (shitty) minor league system is there.

    My two closest friends and I were 80s wrestlers for halloween. I was Roddy Piper (a Canadian, actually), they were Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage

    footage of Savage:

  18. Dave says:

    James and I live in Florida which has a disproportionate amount of *actual wrestlers* living in our state than most others. It used to be WWE rarely toured through here but ever since the fall of WCW they hit up a Florida circuit about 3 times a year.

  19. Kasper says:

    Of course I was looking for Rambo, Dave. That’s what I look for in any movie. Rambo or not though, I was still sorely disappointed. I’d take Titanic over this any day!

    Looking forward to the chilling end of the first season and the start of a whole new season by summertime!

  20. Dave says:

    I was just confused because you said, “The only bad-ass mofo was the colonel guy played by Stephen Lang,” leading me to think you were looking for an action movie. Avatar has plenty of action so I don’t know what you wanted from it.

  21. Dave says:

    Oh and there’s not going to be a Season 2 of Movie Webmaster Big Brother.

  22. Kasper says:

    What I meant with that comment was that he was the only character that was even just slightly interesting. With everybody being walking cliches in the worst way possible, he at least amused me and had me rooting for him beating the crap out of Sam Worthington.

    And the public demands a season 2 man, what about all the second-rate blogs out there, they need their time to shine too!

  23. Dave says:

    See I thought Lang’s character was the biggest cliche of all. In fact, I didn’t really care for most of the characters in the movie, but the world of Pandora was so damn interesting to look at and study I didn’t care. This is why I said on the show that I kind of got annoyed when the movie got in the way of my own exploration.

    There won’t be a second season of Big Brother because I honestly don’t know many other personalities in the OFC. If people want a stupid gimmicky bit in the intro of every show I’m sure we could accommodate with something, but it’s not going to be Big Brother.

  24. Dave says:

    Also, Filmrot itself *is* a second-rate blog.

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