The RotCast Episode #61 – We Have A Winna!

In this episode we talk Peter Jackson’s latest flick The Lovely Bones, announce the WINNER of Movie Webmaster Big Brother, plus loads more!

~~ Show Notes ~~
00:00:00 – Intro (Music: RIP Jay Reatard)
    • The other RotCast
    • Dave’s Disney employee stories
    • American Idol discussion
    • Movie Webmaster Big Brother Episode #11: THE FINALE ***
00:46:20The Lovely Bones Discussion
01:17:07 – Whatcha’ Watchin?
    • Andrea’s thoughts on the Bollywood film What’s Your Rashi?
    • Andrea sees Moon, theories on the film [spoilers]
    • Andrea’s short Fame review
    • Thoughts on The Bridge (if you need info or help, check out out
    • James’ thoughts on Biggie & Tupac, Superman (1977), Midnight Run (1988), Aliens, Alien 3, Appaloosa, Armored, Big Fan, Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, Whip It, Muppets Take Manhattan, Couples Retreat, A Prophet, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, and Give ‘Em Hell Malone
    • Dave and James discuss the doc Collapse, peak oil etc (Bottom-Line: Ignore the film and educate yourself on Peak Oil here.)
03:26:12 – Goodbyes

*** This season’s contestants included:

Sean Dwyer

Patrick Sauriol

Josh Tyler

Vic Holtreman

Harry Knowles

Erik Davis

Garth Franklin

Edward Douglas

Drew McWeeny

Devin Faraci

Peter Sciretta

Alex Billington

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16 Responses to The RotCast Episode #61 – We Have A Winna!

  1. It was fun, thanks for including me – at least I made it to the final four. :)


  2. Dave says:

    I put this on Twitter but I shall repeat it here:

    If any movie webmaster has an issue with how they were portrayed in Movie Webmaster Big Brother, we would be more than happy to address it.

    Apparently, Devin Faraci was weirded out by the whole thing and told Patrick as much. I’m not sure exactly how much he listened to any of our MWBB episodes, if any at all, so it might be the idea itself is weird to him. I did my best to explain to Patrick why MWBB even exists and it really just boils down to this: geeks with internet fame are strange dudes.

  3. First off, winning MWBB is the high point of my life, surpassing my graduation day, the day I got married, my wonderful children being born, even the day I found an original first printing of I AM LEGEND in a used bookstore. It will be the day that all others will be judged by. I would like to thank the universe for bestowing upon me this awesome win. The one million imaginary dollars will forever change my life, and I think that I will now live it like the bad guy from THE SPY WHO LOVED ME: construct an underwater lair and have a henchman named Jaws work for me.

    More importantly, thanks to the crew at FilmRot for taking the time and showing the movie webmaster community that there’s still some fun left in this old, creaky online machine, and that while we all love what we do and wouldn’t change it for the world, taking our sites, ourselves or what we do too seriously is kinda boring.

    While I can’t speak for Devin, it is kind of weird having yourself role played by a group of people you’ve never met and knowing others are listening to the “game” every week. But it was just a little weird for me and more fun than anything else. What I realized listening to the MWBB game is that I’m kind of vanilla as a person to my peers and maybe I need to start acting more mint chocolate chip or rocky road. Neopolitan? But that’s just a small thing, and it’s subjective to me. It was fun listening to each installment of the game and what we were doing in the house to the others week after week. Again, it’s cool that someone in our community did this and involved a good chunk of us in it. It was a fun idea and I welcome all well executed fun ideas. As a bonus, it really messes up the minds of friends and co-workers who don’t understand exactly what is going on.

    Finally I’d like to complement the rest of my Big Brother comrades, especially the ones in real life that voted for me (Drew, Harry, Garth, Edward and Erik). I like being a part of this community again and I missed it while I was gone off to Pandora and inhabiting the body of a 10-foot-tall blue-skinned warrior with a built-in USB port in his tail, but the less said of that the better. However, I’d like to sit out for the next FilmRot game, Movie Webmaster: The Bachelor. I just don’t have that kind of game.

  4. James says:

    I love you Patrick. I’d give you my rose any day of the week.

  5. Sean says:

    Well played Patrick, well played. I can accept this defeat, but I refuse to apologize for throwing my mic in the hot tub!

    Thanks to the FilmRot guys for including me among this elite group of bloggers/webmasters. We all know that in real life I would have been the first one voted out.

  6. Dave says:

    Speak for yourself, James! I’ve only got eyes for one movie geek on the interweb:

    Reed Farrington.

  7. Goon says:

    good show (yes i was still listening at the shout out mark) but 3 plus hours is a lot to bear… you may need to keep more of an eye on the clock, i mean James pointed out ‘weve been going on for 20 minutes’ when it was actually closer to 45, and then you went on for another 8 or so.

  8. Dave says:

    Look, if I thought people would listen, I would do my own podcast about peak oil and the oncoming transition. It is too important of a topic to spend 5 minutes chit chatting about and move on. Likewise, I wasn’t about to interrupt Andrea talking about The Bridge to tell her she was going on too long. This show went over heavy because of the topics, not because of filler.

    Next time, when we’re not talking about peak oil, suicide, or the finale to Movie Webmaster Big Brother, the show should come in just under 2 hours like it normally does. We don’t have advertisers to appeal to and people can always pause and come back, so I don’t really see what the big deal is.

  9. JustaPUREbarell of fun says:

    keep the shows as long as possible, fuck goon, thin about the listeners who have nothing better to do

  10. James says:

    There’s about 25mins of random not-movie-related stuff even before the MWBB segment this week. It’s all good, some eps are longer and heavier than others…

    There’s a definite balance between structure and free-form in our podcasting style. Sometimes we may go overboard. Other times we don’t go far enough, methinks.

    Goon, did’ja get my email?

  11. Dave says:

    LOL! Goon, what did you do to piss off the city of Hamilton? Seems like everyone from their has a vendetta against you.

  12. Andrea says:

    I know my portion went on a bit and with a very heavy subject, but it is one that I needed to talk about. Today is the “angel date” for my brother and I feel better knowing that while I didn’t see his suicide coming I may have given someone the right information to get help for someone who is suicidal.

    So to all of you thanks for listening to our show no matter how long or short it my be.

    Patrick and the rest of our MWBB Team thank you for being great sports, for coming together and placing real votes. I know we might not do another game for awhile, but I am super glad we played this one!!!

  13. Chris says:

    Awesome stuff guys.

    But I have a question. Is there a new Eclectic Gamer on the scene? The writing doesn’t exactly seem like Dave…

  14. Dave says:

    That’s not me as I don’t do the table top gaming. Plus there would be more swearing and general wankery in the posts.

    Also, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a Word Press blog.


  15. JustaPUREbarell of fun says:

    u guys should do ur favourite movies countdown, it would be a thrilling and bonechilling look into ur minds. or do like a top something list, like ur favourite cinematic ritualistic animal sacrifices, or best use of carpeting in an overly-cheesy heist film. or ur favourite gene hackman reaction shots. i know ive seen angry in the past, lets put it to bed though, im a nice guy (not really) but i do really love this podcast, its just like these finely crafted nuggets that show up in my ipod every couple of weeks, i love you guys and keep it up,,,,,,,,,,,,, oh i know wat u should do, copy the slash fillm cast and do like a 4 hour the wire lookback reminicise thing that would be truly awesome, or get the sopranos in there and compare and contrast, but dont abuse the contrast aspect that cane be dangerous,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Peaccceeeeeei

  16. Andrea says:

    I will be sitting out anything on this show that has animal sacrifices or death of any kind. I hate PETA, but I hate animal abuse just the same!!!!

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