The RotCast Episode #64 – Going Crazies

In this episode we talk the George Romero remake The Crazies, discuss the direct-to-DVD time-recursion horror flick Triangle, make our Oscar picks, and much much more!

~~ Show Notes ~~
00:00:00 – Intro & Reviews
• The Crazies review
• Triangle discussion
01:03:33 – Whatcha’ Watchin ?
• Survivor: Heroes -vs- Villains chat
• Dave and Andrea watch 2012 and Bourne: Ultimatum
• Dave re-watches 2004’s Dawn of the Dead remake (again)
• Andrea watches Shaun of the Dead “20 times in 3 months”
• Star Wars Holiday Special discussion
• Andrea watches Nola and Mr. 11
• Recent rash of celebrity suicides
• James watches More Than A Game (2008 LeBron James doc), The Dark Knight, Thirst, The Informant!, The Box, The Messenger, Fantastic Mr. Fox
02:22:30 – Goodbyes

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