Update From James

Sorry for the lack of postage on my part fellas, real-life work has taken the drivers wheel these past couple of weeks. It hasn’t all been lollipopin’ and dandelions for me though, I’ve been working on bringing the feeds back to you all in a much bigger way as well as working on a brand new look for the old blogaringadingdong. The current design was fine for the relaunch, but really wasn’t what i wanted (think simpler/less busy). That is, I wasn’t sure what I wanted this blog to look like until I got it back up, then I realized what I didn’t want – and you’re looking at it. New look coming soon, then the posting (on my behalf – Tower’s been doing great keeping the fort down despite a newly acquired Rock Band setup – congrats I’m officially jealous) will resume on a regular schedule. Thanks for sticking with us, it will be guns blazing with the new look. Natch.

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  1. James says:

    Note: Still working on it.

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