Anthony Michael Hall To Play Deathstroke In Dark Knight?

anthony_sd282821_150x200.jpg = deathstroke.jpg ?

Sorry for the heavy coverage of DARK KNIGHT news, but I writes what I likes!

According to Rich Johnston’s excellent LYING IN THE GUTTERS comic news column [via], Anthony Michael Hall (who has been confirmed as playing an as-yet-unnamed character in the film), will most likely be playing Deathstroke, an assassin for hire that would be much more at home in the upcoming TEEN TITANS movie (he’s a regular villain there).

Adding further truth to the news? A toy for the character sporting a new look has been revealed recently by Mattel (click for bigger version):


What do you think of this news? I hope Nolan doesn’t go BATMAN & ROBIN on us with all these villains, but instead continue with cool little cameos like Mr. Zsasz in BATMAN BEGINS.

Oh yeah, here’s a sort-of preview of Two-Face, via the toy as well (props to for both photos!):


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5 Responses to Anthony Michael Hall To Play Deathstroke In Dark Knight?

  1. Grundy says:

    It’s doubtful, I recall reading that there was a Robin figure released with the Batman Returns toys. Besides word was Hall was playing a news reporter, unless it’s all disinformation to fool everyone..

  2. Tower says:

    Robin was set to be in Returns, played by Marlon Wayans of all people. I think he said he got paid for that and Batman Forever without doing anything but being fitted for a suit.

  3. Grundy says:

    What’s funny is the Robin figure wasn’t based on Marlon Wayans.

  4. Tower says:

    Ha, we’ve gone bilingual!:

  5. Young says:

    But Robin is a well known character. Deathstroke is not a character that has much popularity outside of comic readers. Sure, he was introduced as Slade in the TT animated series, but I still think that this hardly gives him the popularity needed in order for a figure to be made without some kind of appearance in the film. Perhaps we will just see a slight glance of him at the end…

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