Designs for New Optimus Prime in Transformers 2?

op1.jpgop2.jpg [via] has posted what is being reported as sketches for an “Optimus Prime upgrade” in Transformers 2, featuring a cab that molds to Prime in robot form. Leaked specs or just fanboy art? My money’s on the latter.

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5 Responses to Designs for New Optimus Prime in Transformers 2?

  1. Nionix says:

    I’m betting its fanboy art, taking advantage of Michael Bay’s quote that they’re releasing a bunch of dis-information about Transformers 2. Either that, or leaked info about an actual update about his look. OR! It could be the actual upgrade on his look. Who knows! Omgz!

  2. Nionix says:

    Wow, I repeated myself. I meant leaked dis-info in the second sentence.

  3. gerardo says:

    its to show offy to me real optimus prime is the good guy its more for megatron

  4. keith says:

    i don’t care what any1 thinks that is the best design 4 optimus prime EVER!!!!!

  5. hhh says:

    i’m kinda hoping to see prime gets an upgrade on tf2 like combining with his trailer(if he got one),jetpacks,shoulder canon etc…

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