Details Emerge About Season 3 Of Showtime’s Dexter!

dexter.jpg has posted the contents of an email claiming to have information about season 3 of Dexter, Showtime’s hit show (airing edited on CBS) starring Michael C. Hall as a “good” serial killer. For those that haven’t seen it, here’s the basic plot : He works for the Miami Police Department as a blood spatter analyst, and uses his inside pull to let killers go free so he can later hunt them down.

Previously, I had been worried (especially with Dexter’s monologue in the finale stating something about the Dark Passenger feeling like something bigger than himself) that the new season would be based on the third book in the series by Jeff Lindsay, which has been largely disowned by fans of the character for introducing the story element of Dexter being possessed by a supernatural being as the genesis for his murderous desires.

However, it looks like we won’t have to worry about this element seeping into the show (even season 2 was largely new material, while the 1st more or less follows the first book very closely). Here’s the info, straight from the source:

I received an email about the upcoming season 3 of Dexter, from a friend in a position to know, and it contained the following hints of what’s in store:

“…new season seems is trending darker. Again, nothing to do with “Dexter in the Dark”…no body-switching demons. Think more along the lines of the serial killer convention story from Gaiman’s Sandman run, and Suspect Zero.”

The Sandman story referenced is issue #14, it’s an outstanding issue of an epic series, and can be found here. Suspect Zero is a criminally-underrated, 2004 psychological thriller that plays like a horror movie designed to scare serial killers.

This news has me stoked, I can’t wait for September, when the new episodes are set to premiere.

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