First Pics Of Some Costumes From Star Trek?


Aint It Cool News has posted a spy report containing pictures of what appears to be crowd scenes at Starfleet Academy from the upcoming Star Trek remake/sequel/reimagining, from Cloverfield, Alias, and Lost’s J.J. Abrams.

To be super-spoiler-free, you can check them out by following: this link.

What do you think? I’m glad the production has changed its release from this holiday season to May of 2009 to accomodate for rewrites/shoots, but I’m fearful that the general public is still way too burned out on Trek’s many offshoots and sequels over the years, and this film may be coming out way too soon to be successful, which could end up burying the franchise further.

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4 Responses to First Pics Of Some Costumes From Star Trek?

  1. Nionix says:

    Lol, Quint says that the time stamp in the photos must be “from the future” because it was later in the day, but aren’t they shooting in New Zealand or something? That would explain the forward difference.

    I’m tired and hopefully didn’t mis-calculate what I thought was a fun “Neener neener” catch in his writing.

  2. Tower says:

    Yeah, I noticed that too. And I’m an American, so double “neener neener”, haha.

  3. James says:

    I really want this version of Trek to be dark and untraditional. Worked for Batman, no?

  4. john walter says:

    captain James costume looks OK to me being an American i always support the best and wanted to be the best

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