Haha, Dragonball Z Pics Look Craptacular!!

James Note: Sheesh. Seems like lately I’ve been playing the frustrating game of “Shake-The-Lawyers” more than actually blogging around here. Last week Warner Bros. demanded we take down photos from their upcoming Batman film, today 20th Century Fox is doing the same with the Drangonball Z photos that used to exist in this space. Bravo T, way to dig up the stuff they don’t want us to have. You keep posting it, I’ll keep taking it down – what a team we make!

I can’t stand anything to do with Dragonball Z. Maybe because I’m a decade or two too old. Maybe I can’t get behind the concept of characters yelling and fighting over balls.

Still, I’m always interested in film adaptations of any comic, period. Yet this, along with other stills revealed at this French site, are laugh-out-loud funny. This looks even worse than the live-action Street Fighter film starring Van Damme a few years back. At least that had Kylie Minogue going for us.

Click here to see them all.

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8 Responses to Haha, Dragonball Z Pics Look Craptacular!!

  1. Nionix says:

    This looks absolutely terrible. I totally lol’d when I first saw them. The only way this could work is if it’s another of those spoof movies “Anime Movie!”.. or it’s a G rated campy kids thing.

  2. Grundy says:

    You know if Stephen Chow was directing this, I would be interested. But, Wong, outside of the X-Files episodes he’s done and the first Final Destination, his other stuff hasn’t been so good.

  3. Chris says:

    Umm..I’m thinking it’s looking a lot better than the old hongkong one. See here: http://www.badmovies.org/movies/dragonball/ Plus, Eriko Tamura’s doesn’t look so bad as whatever the heck she is there.

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  6. Tower says:

    Surprisingly, the French link is still up. Language barrier preventing the suits from threatening them? Don’t know!

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  8. Keishi says:

    This will stir up nothing but a worldwide boycott

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