Rambo V In The Works?


AICN has posted an article citing Starpulse, who claims that Sylvester Stallone is already writing part five in the series of films he stars in as John Rambo, ex-Vietnam veteran who is still really good at blowing stuff up. Here’s the relevant quote:

Stallone tells Swedish newspaper Metro, “I would like to take Rambo to another genre, experiment a little with the character. It would definitely not be another war movie. I can’t go any further with that than what I’ve already done. What it’s going to be like, I’m not going to reveal at this point. But I’m already halfway though writing the manuscript.”

I really enjoyed the last installment, which Stallone both wrote and directed, but it looks like he’s planning on going in a different direction with this one. With the way the last film ended, I can see that. Still, I hope he hits us with more of the ultraviolence. Maybe against home-grown terrorists ala John McClane?

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  1. Nionix says:

    I immediately thought that Rambo would become a family drama, from the ending of John Rambo where he goes to his family ranch.

    I figured since he said no more “war” films, it would completely change genre to something else, like the vietnam vet who has been fucking shit up for decades going home and dealing with what’s left with his family and town etc.

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  3. I am Rambo says:

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