See The New “Domino’s” Dark Knight Trailer Without The Bellyache!


“This town is MINE now!”

Hey all, Domino’s Pizza is showing an exclusive trailer for The Dark Knight, with some new Joker bits. However, they require you to order a pizza online in order to see it. In the interest of saving FilmRotters’ tummies, I’ve posted a YouTube link. Click the poster to see it.

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One Response to See The New “Domino’s” Dark Knight Trailer Without The Bellyache!

  1. James says:

    This looks amazing. I liked Begins a lot, but thought it was pretty tame in the action department. Based on the trailers and early word, it sounds like they have fixed that gripe! I think I’m going on embargo from here on out, I want to be surprised.

    Sidenote: Screw Dominoes. Their pizza blows.

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