So, How About That Dark Knight Trailer?


Hey everyone! I participated in the viral marketing for The Dark Knight yesterday, due to some members of the Superherohype! boards contacting me to act as their “Oracle” during their scavenger hunt. Unfortunately for me, as soon as the game was afoot and the online clues relayed, I was ignored and still haven’t heard from the lucky bastards that got to see the new trailer.

Now, fortunately, one of my friends has uploaded a bootleg of said trailer, which Warners had decided the online component of the game should wait until Sunday for, at

To see it in HD, wait until Sunday and follow the link above. For a temporary fix, click here while it lasts!

Thanks Rory’s Messenger!

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5 Responses to So, How About That Dark Knight Trailer?

  1. Jakie says:

    I’m excited for the next Batman, but I’m mainly gonna see it for Heath Ledger and Morgan Freeman. That’s the reason I originally wanted to see it. Gosh, I haven’t posted on here in so long. Nice new white design.

  2. Grundy says:

    Yeah, how can you not love Morgan Freeman’s freckles.

  3. Joolies says:

    Trailer looks great, can’t wait to see this film.

    p.s. I only just found out this site is back, glad to see it back.

  4. Jakie says:

    Dang. When was the last time you were on here?

  5. Joolies says:

    Back when it first changed from film blog to Ron Paul endorsement site.

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