Some More G.I. Joe (Mis) Casting News!


I’m befuddled. For every piece of solding casting in the upcoming G.I. Joe film (Ray Park as Snake-Eyes, Arnold Vosloo as Zartan, Dennis Quaid as General Hawk), there are just as many that seem like misfires on paper (Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cobra Commander, Marlon Wayans as Ripcord). The following seems like a bit more of the latter:

george_of_the_jungle_ver3.jpg = gungho_full.jpg ????

Latino Review is reporting that Brendan Fraser has already filmed a cameo as Gung Ho, the bald-headed Cajun Marine, for a training sequence in The Pitt, the Joes’ headquarters.

islandlife2_b.jpg = shipwreck.gif ????

Additionally, the site is reporting that an offer has been made to The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, to play the part of Shipwreck, a Hispanic sailor who sounded like Jack Nicholson in the original cartoon.

To me, neither of these actors resemble the characters they are playing. I’m all for a fresh take on things, but why use the names of childhood icons when they could easily play new characters?

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3 Responses to Some More G.I. Joe (Mis) Casting News!

  1. Grundy says:

    Childhood icons? This is a movie based on a crappy cartoon which was just a commercial for a fucking toy. This stuff is high end trash, if Sommers manages to pull off a fun movie, that’s fine. But I haven’t been expecting much.

  2. Nionix says:

    Actually, it’s also a comic series (Which is what the movie is mainly being based on) which ran about 150 issues (I think that’s the general number).

    I have one, actually. #111 ha.

  3. Tower says:

    Yeah, I got into the comic before anything as well. Larry Hama (who had a military background) took a crappy assignment (write a backstory for toys) and turned it into 100+ issues of greatness.

    The cartoon was what it was, and hasn’t aged well (f@ck Cobra-La-Cobra Commander is an ex-used car salesman fed up with society, not some bug creature taking orders from Burgess Meredith), but you should definitely check out some of the trades of the comic. Characters died in there left and right, continuing to this day in the new series (Lady Jaye R.I.P.).

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